What's up with Coldfire and Heloise?

Haven’t seen much of them since before the holidays. Where you folk at?


Just popping in to say “me too”. Although they are newlyweds and I would assume have better things to do.

I have wondered where they were hiding as well.

I hope they are OK and that all is right in their world.

They’re too busy snogging to be bothered with the likes of us.


hmpf. Priotities, man, priorities!

Bumping for the good of the whole…

I saw “newlyweds” above and then read this as “…for the good of the hole …”

ducks and runs for cover

I’ll alert Heloise to the existence of this thread.

Hey, there! We’re alive and well, and thank you for asking.

I actually just posted to another thread, then saw this one. How very cool of you, Tomcat!

Things have just been a bit busy here, is all. I’m doing the whole adjusting-to-a-new-life thing and Jasper’s been spending a lot of time helping. Also, my Mother came to visit over the holidays, which was way cool as she’s never been out of the country except for Mexico. We had another small ceremony/reception for the Dutch family and friends who couldn’t be there. Very lovely.

We spend a disgusting amount of time playing with our kittens, but that’s okay because it will probably lessen as they become adults and less cute. (AS IF!)

As my residency isn’t in yet, I cook for free once a week at the cafe/pub up the street. I get to create my own menu, cook for a few people and we get free drinks that day in exchange. It’s not much, but it keeps me in practice.

My back isn’t much better yet, but physical therapy will be starting soon.

And, of course, I’m trying to learn this crazy language. Not that you’d sympathize too much, Tomcat, because the language your learning is even more difficult.

And yes, indeed, lots and lots of snogging! We’re not even close to being bored with each other, but I guess there really is a world out there, so I’ll try to make a point to notice it a little more often.

And thanks, guys, for the comments. Nice to know people think of us!

Glad to hear things are going smoothly for you both, for the most part. I hope your back gets better, and that you make a complete recovery. Do you have any pictures of your kittens? eager

Hi guys, and especially TC!

We’re doing OK, not to worry. And just because I don’t post doesn’t mean I don’t see what you kids are up to in here. Don’t make me turn this message board around!

Like Heloise said, it’s been rather busy, what with her mom visiting us over the holidays, the usual time consuming immigration procedures, and just having plain old fun.

TC, if you’re ever in A 'dam, let us know beforehand so we can buy you a beer or two. It won’t be as good as Czech beer, but it’ll be on me. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’ll see if I can upload some recent pictures of our lounge tigers tonight.

But in the meantime, here they are, about 2 month ago. They grow very fast though - 6 months old now. Check out the movie linked with the last picture. :smiley:

Glad to hear the Dutch Anti-Celebrity Killing Coalition didn’t off y’all!

Moving and adjusting to a new place does suck, don’t it? My friends have had numerous problems, so I can sympathize…I was lucky, my wife’s parents are semi-mafiosa (He’s a forest manager that supplies everyone with christmas trees and she’s a government worker with connections) so I never had too many problems. My green card and other paperwork was authorized on a Saturday morning with shots of plum brandy at the chief-of-police’s house…All of about 15 minutes of work and I was golden.

That said, I am now looking into how I can get my Czech citizenship, especially since meeting kferr. So I might have to do the dance…we’ll see.

A’dam, aahhh…I would LOVE to visit. But I doubt it will be for awhile. We’ll see though…I met the Dutch Ambassador at a do the other night and was discussing MBA programs for dutch business folk here. So, maybe?

Take care, get better and keep putting those pennies in the jar! :wink:


Cute :slight_smile:

Ah, I download the avi file and heard little Vincent growling as he was eating dinner! So funny, so cute! I kinda wish I had kittens again!

Kittens are strangely cute, in a funny way the first time they get a really tastey treat. They get this high pitched growl, and you can almost understand them to be saying “This is MYYYYY foood and doooonnn’t you toucchh iiit!” (Scaling up in pitch building up to, on the word my, and going down in pitch from there.) Did they try to pick up the food bowl and carry it off to a hidey hole to eat?

It’s “Murky Postage Stamp Theater!” Whaddaya you people live in a cave? Turn some lights on already.


The growling one is Jules actually, although both do it at times. Jules is just louder. :slight_smile:

Also, they seem to do it less and less, as they slowly realise that we don’t really take their food away, even if we do pet them as they’re eating.

Cervaise, the lights were on, but it was night and my camera takes crappy movies. What can I say. :smiley:

C & H, glad to hear you and the livestock are doing well.