Whats up with fajitas?

I like a nice steak or chicken fajita every now and again. The cast iron the sizzle the apparent freshness the some assembely requirted part. The one thing I dont really understand is why the candle to keep the plate hot.

Its a 1000 degree cast iron plate. You could serve the plate on an ice cube and it would still be hot for quite some time. I aways blow the candle out right away as I dont really want my cheap ass cut of steak overcooking on my plate. Its funny at times and my wife thinks I am a nut and servers sometimes want to relight it depending on the resturant. But really mexican resturants always love to give you plates so hot a mid-rare steak will be mid-well before you are done with it. Why the fajitas? Whay are they the ones that need a candle when the plate is already hotter than anyhting else outside of the kitchen. I checked the other day and the plate was still hot after I finished and I blew tha candel out the second the server brought the food.

I dont really know if I am complaining as the blowing out of the candle has become part of the whole fajita experience for me. I was just hoping for an answer?

I have never in my life seen a candle served with fajitas.

Neither have I. Is this a regional thing?

I always get the words “fajita” and “faigeleh” mixed up, leading to no end of shy-making merriment.

BWAH HA HA! That’s going to crack me up every time I go out for Mexican food from now on.

Oh, I’ve never seen the candle served with faig… uh, fajitas either. Is the OP sure it wasn’t someone’s birthday party?

“Faigeleh” is Yiddish, right? And it’s Yiddish for exactly what I’m thinking it is, right?

There’s a funny mental image in my mind involving red-hot cast-iron and faigelim (my made-up pluralized form because of the -im plural ending).

Why don’t you define it for those of us who grew up as clueless gentiles?

Another chiming in that I’ve never, ever seen a candle served with fajitas.

Maybe because it’s cold in Alaska? I have no idea.

Yeah, never seen a candle with fajitas either. Maybe it’s the proximity of Alaska to Mexico causing the weirdness. I mean it is chilly up there.

Never seen it in Southern California, and I too would love to know that other word.

“Faigeleh” is a Yiddish expression for a gay man.

Way to go, man. Now you’ve embarrassed those of us brave enough to claim this place as home. If you were eating at Gallo’s or at La Mex, you deserve whatever you get. That’s some crappy Mexican food. Mexico In Alaska is okay, but the best southwest cuisine is at the Bear Tooth Grill in Spenard.

Fajitas suck. When I go out for dinner I want my meal served to me. None of this “some assembly required” crap.

How about it’s chili up there?

I’m sorry; I just don’t know what possesses me sometimes…

Add me to the list of people who’s never seen a candle served with fajitas.

Also add me to the list of people who are now hungry for a fajita… tummy rumbles

I’m so hungry, at this point I’d take the candle!

Heh, this is one of 5 or so Yiddish words I know… no Jews in my family. :confused:

Well good you all answered my question.

I knew it seemed strange. THATS WHY I BLOW THE STINKING THING OUT!

I am not an idiot because of the lack of good resturants where i live.

And ChefGuy you embarrass easily.

We have a lot of good restaurants, just few really good CHEAP restaurants. After 23 years in the Navy, I suspect nothing much really embarasses me. I do blindfold guests when traveling through Wasilla, though.

I dont really know about any of the resturants you are talking about. I dont live in the Anchorage area.