What's with pissed-off looking band photos?

I don’t want to link to any in particular, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean: 3 to 7 people, arms crossed, leaning against a wall or standing in a forest, all scowling with vengeful glares. Occasionally, one of them is smiling, but not usually.

What gives?

Because they’re bad-ass rockers. Smiling is for pussies.

'Cause chicks dig assholes, man…everyone knows that.

What’s the correlation to pissed-off looking catwalk models?

But dood, they’re totally hard core. It’s wicked harsh. They’re x-treme to the maxxxxxxx. Um…intense…did I say extreme?

Tradition. Even when the Rolling Stones were using steam-powered amps, they looked pisto in their tintypes.

The last happy-looking band was the Partridge Family. Who wants to look like the PF?

Sometimes, one of the members will have his big yap wide open, thus identifying himself as the lead singer. Seemingly, he’s so passionate about hearing the sound of his own voice that he won’t cut it out long enough to take a band photo!

These people?

There were just told they look like poufs! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

So which is more cheezy: bands looking at the camera with that “Grrrrr…I’m Hard!” look or bands not looking at the camera but instead looking soulfully at something far off in the distance?

Personally, I always wanted to have a band photo where everyone is looking at something off-camera with expressions that say “Holy Christ that’s my mother on that autopsy table!”