What's with the artwork on the SDMB front page?

I love the drawings on the SDMB front page. They’re funny, quirky and slightly twisted.

However, I’m sometimes left a little confused by them.

For example, right now there appears to be a picture of a dog, with a three legged furry thing at it’s feet. And on the TV it looks like a woman with huge boobies with a worm dangling near her mouth. Eh?

I understand what the picture is about generally. It’s to do with counting who watches TV, and the machine with the buttons is supposed to represent some kind of computer.

What’s your interpretation? Am I just not looking at the drawing in the right way?

Maybe I’m just not surreal enough today – but all I saw was a mutt furiously scratching fleas, and the hind legs hitting the channel buttons on the downbeat. Thereby confusin’ the heck out of the stats folk.

“Too literal” Friday (at least where I am.) :slight_smile:

Yeah, who draws those things up?

And I think it’d be cool to see a collage of them, bringing back old memories of old questions (and making other people just wonder).

OK… I can see now how the three legs could be one leg moving very quickly.

What about the snake thing in the womans mouth. And has she got huge boobies or is it just my overactive imagination?

I’m pretty sure it’s Slug’s oh-so-subtle way of saying that the Neilson ratings are flawed. That it doesn’t take into account people just leaving their TVs on for noise and not really watching the junk on it.

The cartoon shows the dog accidently hitting the remote turning it on a specific show that features bikini clad women eating worms all for the love of prime time garbage thus making it seem that the show is being watched and worthy of sequel after sequel after sequel after . . .

I thought it was hilarious genious.

I like the cartoon, I think it’s funny. But I can’t see what you describe. I just don’t get it. Hmm… maybe I’ll have a couple of beers and try looking again when I’m buzzed… it may all become clear!

That’s a “yes, possibly” to the large boobies sighting, I’d say, and it certainly does look like a snake in th’ mouth, there. I dunno – weird obscure cable channel, maybe?

Celebrity Fear Factor?

I’m thinking “Survivor” but it may just be that I hate the show, the idea of the show, the fakey realness of the show, the fact that people watch the show, all the other "reality shows that it spawned . . . But I don’t feel strongly about it or anything.

So maybe it’s all in my head but remember when the chick in the bikini top ate the slug but still got voted off? And noooooo, I didn’t actually watch it, the news and all journalistic shows were talking about nothing else. I guess I was hoping that at least one other person in this world (Slug) was disgusted by it.

Survivor: That must be it! It makes a bit more sense now.

I"ve been meaning to start a thread of “Your Favorite Slug Drawing.” Mine would have to be hippo with the whirling tail that accompanied the article about how they mark their territory.