whats with the cuban kid?

isnt this cuban kid who wants to stay in the us . . like the polish kid in the early eighties? i think his name was walter polovchak(sp?) he got to stay here(chicago) are the feds being racist? are there legal precedents that the feds are justifying there decision upon?

Let’s turn this story around. Suppose the kid was an american, taken without his dads permission to Cuba. All other details remain the same.
The boy belongs with his father.
Fuck the politics.

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To answer your OP, Walter Polovchak was a 12-year-old from the Soviet Union (not Poland). He was able to stay in the US because his case was tied up in court til his 18th birthday - at which point, of course, the custody issue became moot.

was he taken without permission? who says? castro? . . hes looking for attention, his economy sucks, hes ignored, all the worlds attention in the last 10 years has been focused on the middle east and the balkans. its an election year, if the fed says we keep the kid and totally reopen trade with cuba, castro would be elated . . all protests would stop . . he doesnt care about the kid . . im asking what are the international law precedents, if any?

The father say’s his son was taken without his permission.
If there are any precedents in international law to justify keeping him, I’m sure they would have been mentioned by now.
And yes, since you mention it, the wisest thing the US could do right now would be to re-open free trade with Cuba. Most Cuban people already like us. Go figger.
Castro, for all practical purposes, is gone.

INS has made the decision to return the boy to his father, and now congress has decided to stick their noses in it and have a hearing on it, which will only worsen an already tense situation. Returning the boy to his father is the right thing to do.

Walter P. was about 16-17, and decided for himself.