What's worse - too hot or too cold?

I can stand being too hot. Drink something cold, dress lightly, put a wet washcloth on the back of my neck if it gets too bad. But I can’t stand being too cold. It takes me forever to warm back up again. I get a special, miserable kind of headache when I’m too cold. I can bundle up, but it’s never quite enough. Is it a girlie thing?

What say you?

Definitely too cold. South TX girl here; I’m engineered for the heat, but cold weather just pisses me off. If I’m hot, I just sweat and get over it. If I’m cold, I shiver and all my muscles get tight and I can’t stop thinking about how miserable I am.

Yes, it’s a girl thing.

My SO can’t get too hot (now, now, mind out of the gutter thank you).

I prefer being cold to hot. I can rug up, turn on the heater, have hot drinks, but when I’m hot, I can’t cool down despite the number of drinks I have and the amount of clothes I shuck.

If it’s a girlie thing, then I’m a girlie man. If I’m too hot I sweat and smell bad. I try to stay out of the sun, drink more water, and I know I’ll be okay. Being too cold scares me, makes me feel like I can’t function anymore and I might die. Bundling up isn’t enough, plus I find it more uncomfortable to be bundled up than to be sweaty. I don’t like either one very much, but being hot never scares me like being cold does.

Too hot? Too cold? I prefer “just right.”

A woman who’s too hot? Never a problem as there is always a ready cure.

If she’s too cold, I’m also prepared to warm her up.

I’d much rather be too cold. Heat bites.

Being too cold is worse, IMHO. It makes me all shaky and my teeth chatter. There’s no comfortable way to keep my legs warm (jeans not being very insulating), my nose feels like it’s been mummified, and I feel like I’d do ANYTHING to get inside. Warm drinks don’t do as much good to negate the crappy things as cold drinks do. And, if I’m hot, I can just go swimming.

Plus, I’m allergic to the cold. Which makes it double-suck. But I felt that way before I developed the allergy.

Too cold is worse. Makes me want to go to sleep for the winter. Who am I kidding? I live in Alaska.

Contrary to popular befief it can get hot here. One hot day these Austrailians came into the bar and ordered hot brandy teas. They said you must drink hot beverages in hot weather. Made sense to me at the time.

Hot weather is soothing when the Tradewinds are up, the surfs down and a unlimited major credit card at my disposal.

Ugh. I hate heat. Irish-blooded, living in San Francisco? Gimme 60-degree fog year-round, thankyouverymuch. 70’s too hot for me. I hate sweating and I hate stinking.

Too hot. Even in the coldest Illinois winter I can fix too cold by wearing more clothes. Even stripped down to the bare legal minimum, there are a few days every year that are just too damn hot.

It depends upon the circumstances. If there’s a lot of snow on the ground, then the cold doesn’t bother me, no matter how cold it is. If there’s no snow on the ground, then I get cold and can’t warm up easily at all. In general, though, I prefer the heat to the cold. I want to live in the desert, so I can sit out in the sun and bake whenever I feel like it!

Overheating sucks! Last time I got too hot I basically collapsed. The time before that it brought on a seizure. Forget that!

Give me a niiiiice cooooooooold chilly day.


I hate the heat - it’s not a girl thing.

Just looking over the symptoms of death by extreme temperature, I’d prefer to freeze to death (go to sleep, numb and hallucinating) to dying of dehydration or being burned alive.

You leave a better looking corpse, too.

I think you’ll find that heavier people tolerate the cold better than us thin folks.

I despise the heat. And woe is me, I live in the Kansas City metro area where summers completely suck.

So no, it’s not a girl thing to hate the cold because I’m 100% female and I love the cold and hate the heat. My fiance calls me his personal furnace.

I would rather it be too cold than too hot.

If you’re cold, you can always put on more clothes, cover up with a blanket or whatever, but there’s only so much you can take off when it’s hot.
Ugh…I dread this summer (but at least I won’t be moving in 97 degree/90% humidity again).

Too hot is the worst. Not only are you completely listless but unless you bath 3 or 4 times a day you’re sticky, constantly wet and you stink. Your underarms stink. Your feet stink. Your crotch stinks.

But when you’re cold you’re always clean, dry and you smell good. Oh man do I love the cold. I wish I could live at 65F.

Too cold is like death, but too hot is like undeath.

Too cold is just a corpse sleeping in the ground but too hot is like a zombie unable to find any peace or satisfaction, doomed to wander in miserableness.

Too cold I’m sitting on the couch under a blanket sipping hot cocoa. Too hot I’m lying naked and spread eagled on my bedroom floor under a fan trying to trying to keep my genitals from bursting into flames.

Too cold has a nice crisp smell to it like a Scandinavian woman with rosy cheeks after a walk through the snow. Too hot has a nasty smell to like Ron Jeremy with rosy cheeks after a hard day of work.

Too cold is huddling with someone to stay warm. Too hot is avoiding each and every living thing on the planet lest your body be one iota hotter then it has to be.

Too cold means barely having to do laundry. Too hot means doing laundry every few days.

Too cold means you get to start a fire which is not only manly but the fire itself looks cool. Too hot means you get to stand in front of the fridge and look at food items in various states of consumption until someone yells at you to shut the door.

Too cold means you might slide right off of your satin sheets. Too hot means you’re going to leave parts of your body on those vinyl seats in your Grandpa’s car.

In view of fairness I’ll list the one and only good thing I can think of about too hot.

Too hot means I see women in bikinis all over the place. Too cold means I have to rely on imagination.

I’d rather be too hot than too cold.

The idea of cold making a person sleepy doesn’t wash in this house. Hubby will fall asleep as soon as sunshine hits him in the car (that’s why I drive). I can fall asleep no matter the tempature. Cold makes me sleepy, hot makes me sleepy.

Tuckerfan got it kind of right, if it’s gonna be cold there had better be snow to justify my suffering.

I don’t mind bundling up to keep warm (keeps the electric bill down) and I love curdling with the Hubby at night as we go to sleep.
But shedding clothes to stay cool is more fun. Does no one else enjoy hot, sweaty, laughing, happy, exhausting sex in the middle of a summer day then cooling down as you fall asleep with the side of a foot or the tip of a finger touching the other.

Checking in to say that extra body fat doesn’t help insulate me at all against the cold. I hate being cold and wish it did.

To me, the perfect temperature is about 80, and I’m fine up to about 90. Above 95, I’ll admit it’s getting on the hot side.

I’m hoping to come back as a reptile in my next life – right now, I’m leaning toward iguana. Eat, sleep, and lie in the sun – bliss.