Which climate? Always hot? Or always cold?

You can choose a place that is always just below freezing or you can choose a place that’s always just above 90.

In this scenario, the cost of maintaining and running heating or AC in your home, will be free of charge.

Which do you choose?

No sweating, no evil stinging things, no lawn mowing: cold, hands down.

I’ll take the tropics. Living in a place with no plants would be horrible.

I loathe being cold and everything that accompanies it; wearing too many clothes, shoveling and scraping the car, slipping on ice. Nope, nope, nope. You don’t have to shovel heat.

Hot. I hate it, but I can tolerate it longer than cold. It doesn’t really make sense, it’s easier to stay warm than cold. I could just put on lots of layers and go outside, you can’t do much to cool yourself off, but I still hate the cold more than the heat.

I live in south Texas, and I take my vacations in the winter, to avoid temperatures dropping into the 50s. It can’t get hot enough for me, and I love it here when it is over 100.

Always cold, hands down. Hot makes me feel sluggish and exhausted. Cold makes me feel energized.

I’m one of those weirdos who likes the cold and snow and ice and the occasional blizzard, so I go cold.

I like the tropics JUST fine, thanks.

If I absolutely have to choose, then I’d go with “Always Hot”. I hate the heat, but there are many things which are just plain difficult to do when it’s cold- like house maintenance, that sort of thing.

I guess if it’s always hot I could just get a pool…

You definitely picked the right place to live.

Bring on the heat. It wouldn’t make me sad at all if I was never cold again.

Cold. I love sweaters and boots and layers. I don’t mind snow chores. And my asthma loves cold, dry weather. Also, hot weather makes me feel anxious and jittery, and I hate feeling sweaty.

Hey, that’s my line–thanks for saving me the trouble of typing it! :slight_smile:

This, 110%.

Honestly, it’s really not all that bad here. My wife is from Buffalo, and she kind of chuckles at what we consider a snowfall here. I think some place like Minneapolis or farther north would be more my style. It still gets way too hot here during the summers–they’re brutal. People seem to forget how hot and humid Chicago is in the summer. Chicago is not what I would consider a cold city. To me, it’s similar to New York City in climate.

Until very recently I lived about a 100 miles south of you, wayyyy too cold for me. I miss the culture in my old university town, but FL is so much warmer. :wink:

Define ‘hot’. How hot? What kind of hot? Define ‘cold’.

Note that I moved from L.A. to just below the Canadian border.

Definitely cold. I find I adapt to cold weather easy–15 minutes and I don’t even realize it’s cold.

Hot weather, on the other hand, stays hot forever when I’m in it.

Always cold, hands down. I really, really hate the heat - the sweat, the sluggishness, the stagnant air, sticking my head in the freezer just to feel cool . . . winter is actually my favorite season. I can’t imagine living in a place that doesn’t get snow.

Did you not read the OP?