What's wrong with the Search function?

I’ve got a “Fatal Error” result three times today, just from trying to do a post search with three keywords.

I’ve had that happen when the three (or however many) words are too common. I get this weird error message that I think means that too many results were returned or something. Maybe try to restrict the dates or forums of your search if possible.

There it goes again – and I’ve tried restricting the forum – Admins, help me out here, please. How can I do a plain ol’ three-keyword post search?

Am inquiring with Jerry, will let you know.


Now when I try it I’m not even getting an error message; I just get a completely blank screen.

I think the hamsters must have left the SDMB for one of the new, uncensored message boards.
Even rats leave a sinking ship. I guess it’s the same with all small rodents!

And now I get the error message when I try a two-keyword search.

The more words you use in the search the greater the likelihood you’ll have a problem. Contrary to how you’d think search should work (the more words you search for the narrower the focus of the search) it’s the opposite. So while a search for say “World Health Organization” should be a narrower search than “Health Organization” it isn’t from vBulletin’s perspective. A search for “World Health Organization” takes the memory resources necessary for a “Health Organization” search and adds in the resources needed for a “World” search as well. That is why a search for “World Health Organization” can fail due to exhausting the memory resources of the search process while a search for “Health Organization” can succeed.

That said I’ve temporarily increased the amount of memory that a search process can use. This is an experiment to see what impact such a change will have on the performance of the message boards. vBulletin places limits on how much memory any one process can consume in order to not unduly effect the whole. I’ve raised those limits and we’ll see what the net result is. If the additional resources allocated to search negatively effect reading and posting to the message boards then we’ll revert to the current situation as I look at other options.

Thanx! A three-keyword post search works now! :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose you can do anything about that five-minutes-between-searches rule? (It applies even when your first search fails for any reason, including “Database Error.”)