What's your alias?

Do you have a name you give for when you don’t want to give your real name?

I have a few:

Will DiCoca
Mike Johnnyranger (usually when there’s a sign-in sheet)
Onowa Ugundalé (online sign-ins)

I’ll mix things up with different spellings or first names, like Mike becomes Mick or Michael, or Will becomes Walt, or Ugundalé becomes Ugundelay, or I’ll throw a middle initial in, etc.)

Mike Hunt

Richard N. Butts

Amalgamated Buttons and Fasteners Incorporated.

Phil N. DeBlanc

I like to use the names of fictional PIs. Like Philip Marlowe or Mike Hammer.

Jack Batty. Go figure.

I signed a friend’s wedding book Hugh G. Rection. He later told me he knew it was me right away. The new Mrs was pissed. The marriage lasted under five years, including time in counseling.

When I order fast food, I never have them call out my monosyllabic name when my order is ready, because all monosyllabic names sound the same when suddenly blurted out. So I use my middle name, Edward.

Occasionally, I use Henry Jacobs, which is the name of an obtuse interviewer talking to a doped jazz musician in a Lenny Bruce routine.

My company is always “Chicken Salad Enterprises”.

Dr Stephen Fidelius, from Miskatonic University.

Sometimes Andrew Blodgette Mayfair with the Hidalgo Importing Co

Not one Art VanDelay in this group? Lucky me. :smiley:

Rock Strongo.

Or failing that, Lance Uppercut.

My wife and I both have names and an address to use when we go to real estate open houses and the like.

We are Chuck and Sherry C.*

(last name held back. Chuck C. really exists, and he gets a lot of junk mail based on this…

The story behind this is long and sordid.

Smithen Jones

Elle Bowes

Lance Boyle

Buck Naked

Rod O’Steele

My Starbucks name is Stella, or occasionally, if I’m feeling it, Zelda. I learned once how embarrassing it is to give a silly name while wearing a nametag with your mundane real name on it. The coffee seller gave it a good loooong look, nodded at me, then wrote “ZELDA” extra big on the cup…