What's your alias?

Mine’s Muse Inc.

My middle name is Renée, so when I need to fill out forms for something inconsequential, I use my first name and lop an E off of Renee to form the surname René.

In my younger days, I enjoyed building and tinkering with electronic music kits (synthesizers) and such.

When ordering or writing for info, if there was a line for “company name” I always put Radon Music because I lived in my parents’ basement.

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo.

Mine’s the name of a video game character from about 30 years ago- Zeke Weasel. He was the bearded hillbilly wrestler in Epyx Championship Wrestling, and has a name that’s almost realistic.

If I’m browsing car buying sites or other places guaranteed to get phone calls, etc… I tend to use a particular college roommate’s name, and a bogus phone number, in hopes that car salesmen will get froggy and google him, and then plague him with phone calls.

Honey Behr

Me too, although I’m thinking my new one will be Elgin Movement, or maybe A. Nall Fisher. At least Elgin is a real first name.

I used to have a deployment name tag I would wear at air shows that has me as “Hugh Jorgen” (since I am no longer the rank on the tag, it was handed down).

Nosmo King (inspired by a British Rail compartment window notice many years ago!).

Art Zinnarut is the one I use at restaurants.

I haven’t before, but from now on, I’ll use Tad Cooper. Tad can be unisex, right?
Given a fake phone number on internet web sites can annoy strangers. Someone’s invented phone number turned out to be mine, and I got a rash of calls from loan places. It took a bit of effort to get off all of the call lists.

John Milton. When I tire of that, I use Milton John.

Starbucks always slays my real first name, so now I’m Sterling. Yes, as in Archer.