What's your current "earworm"?

Riffing off this thread on hearing music in your head: What song that you can’t get rid of is playing in your head right now?

I’ve got three, two of which I’ve had for days:

Theme from Blackadder: Argh, this one’s the worst. We just sent season 1 back to Netflix. I hope the subsequent ones have a different theme song!

The sound of hoofbeats 'cross the GLAAAAADE . . .

Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors (Featured in the “Jeeves & Wooster” TV show): I downloaded the sheet music for this the other day and have been trying to teach it to Mr. S. Serves me right.

Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors,
Coming home across the briny sea . . .

And the new one:
Killing Me Softly: Watched About a Boy again this afternoon. One of my favorite movies. This song is preferable to the others, but I want them all GONE!!

And I’m sitting here quietly proofreading, which doesn’t help. I tried putting in some classical piano, playing softly, but oddly enough it’s even more distracting than the earworms.

Your turn. What song is driving you nuts? Maybe we can trade.

Lately I’ve noticed that Meatloaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” has been running through my head while I shower in the morning.

The Log Driver’s Waltz, for some reason.

I’m still stuck on “The Girl From Ipanema”, as I mentioned in the other thread. Gawd, that’s a great song. But it won’t go away!

RealityChuck, that’s a great animated short. I taped it off Cartoon Network when they used to show “O Canada” with all those National Film Board features. My wife loves it, too.

The hymn *Be Thou my Vision * which I sang at an Anzac Day requiem on Tuesday.


The whole show because the songs kind of run together and I always listen to them in sequence, so it’s like one ong song.

And the stupid thing’s been in my head for two weeks.

A song from my daughter’s Fisher Price Aquarium crib toy - I don’t even know what it’s called which makes it even MORE annoying … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The comedy club played Beck’s “Loser” after open mic night tonight, and that’s still coming back to me. I have no complaints aobut it so far. It’s a very good song with an excellent groove, and I’ve got all the words down.

All day it has been alternating between “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers, and the godawful Blur b-side “People In Europe”.

However, right now it is “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” by Morrissey. Hee!

Ohhhh don’t say you don’t, please say you do, oruhohoruhohhh!” :stuck_out_tongue:

“Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae (who, by the way, has the sexiest name in the history of the universe)

And now, of course, a significant percentage of the songs mentioned above are burrowing into my brain… :smiley:

Oddly, I woke up with one of Mozart’s piano concertos running through my head (No. 17, I think). This is a welcome respite from the usual ad jingles and teenie-bopper pop songs.

I have no idea why, but “Lady of Spain” has been running through my head.

The Dixieland-ish theme from This Old House reruns that’s on at 6:00 am in Chicago. Jayzus, but they totally need to pick something better to emulate the music played when those old houses were built.

There it goes again. (cue the clarinets) I’m stuck with this until Carol Duvall’s show starts.

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“Lord, Have Mercy” (Kyrie Eleison)–the version we(the choir) sang on Palm Sunday. I have had it off and on since Palm Sunday. I thought it was finally gone, then I read something about the Garden of Gethsemene and suddenly I was hearing mood music. It’s especially annoying, because I can almost see them raising up the cross with Christ on it as I hear the music. (The choir presented a Passion Play on Palm Sunday–it was neat, but the music was all very “earworm-y” and a little depressing. The Kyrie is 16 pages long, repetetive, and the part I keep hearing starts midway through and keeps building to the end. )

Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby during my lunch break, I spend the rest of the afternoon humming whatever hymn or Amy Grant muzak they had playing over the speakers.

Today, however, I can’t get rid of this song that I was singing with my kids last night:

Reuben, Reuben, I’ve been thinking
What a fine world this would be,
If the boys were all transported
Far beyond the northern sea.

“Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley (Click on the site and you too will be invaded with this earworm). Which actually isn’t unpleasant at all. Waaaay better than the random Halls and Oates song that is usually stuck in my head.

A friend of mine just mentioned Fraggle Rock, so now I’m haunted by the theme song …

Finally, Astrud Gilberto is gone, and it’s now Mellow Yellow.

E…lec…trical banana…

Carly Simon - You’re So Vain. At 4:00 AM, I couldn’t get to sleep because that stupid apricot scarf just kept running through my head.