Quick, what's your current earworm?

Bonus point awarded if you can identify why and when it burrowed itself into your ear.

Mine is “Good Morning” from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. I think I heard it in a television commercial a few days ago and it has latched on pretty tightly.

I have 2 that are taking turns chewing up my eardrums: Maroon 5 - Sugar and Otis Redding - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Sloop John B - The Beach Boys. At least this one isn’t a bad one to have…

Trailers for sale or rent…

have no idea why that one sticks in me ear.

Honey I’m Good.

It’s playing a lot on the radio and it was used for a really fun dance on Dancing with the stars this last season.

Careless Whispers by Wham!

Specifically the “guilty feet have got no rhythm” part.

I get that one every few months. I drive over an hour to get my haircut (long story). There is a trailer (tractor trailer variety) that someone isn’t currently using. The owner spray painted the side of the trailer, “Trailor (sic) For Sale Or Rent”. Every time I see it, boom.

(My gf thinks the wording is intentional. I’m not so sure.)

For the past few days, since I heard that Hollywood is planning a life-action adaptation of the old animated series “Johnny Quest”, I have had the original tune from the show bouncing around in my head (if you’re too young to have heard it, it’s on you tube–make sure you have the original series, not one of the follow-ons).

“Windy,” by The Association. I get it every now and then.

Currently: Chopin: Nocturne ops 9 Number 2

Not as much earworm as internal calming process…

The instrumental New-Agey tune played while I’m doing the jigsaw puzzle on the computer.

I actually had Kendrick Lamar’s “The Spiteful Chant” in my head right the moment I read the thread’s title.

Yesterday in the Bruce Jenner thread when I read “Vanity Fair” it reminded me of Sly Stone’s It’s a Family Affair… and that’s been in my ear ever since.

The past two days three songs have been on repeat in my brain:

  1. REM – Stand – I woke up yesterday with it in my head after having a dream where it was background music;

  2. Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha – no idea where it came from – don’t even really like the Pussycat Dolls; and

  3. Van Halen – Tattoo – I get this one often because I can substitute the “Tattoo Tattoo” chorus with so many other things.

Bob’s Diner

And it’s been years since it was stuck there…and then this thread happened.

Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

Oyster band, To you

I just replace that one with this one from MST3K’s Danger!!Death Ray. You can too!


ba ba da pa da da, dadadadadadda da, ba pa da pa da da dadadadadda da, ba da da da (bing) ba dadada ba da da da…

No one here will ever have heard of mine.

It’s from some bizarre animated short called The Island of The Skog that my kids have been watching.

My earworm is the national anthem that the Skog and the mice write for their island.

"Shout it once
Shout it twice
Friends forever!
Skog and Mice!

Sunday’s anthem… And All The People Said Amen… and it’s driving me mad. No problems all the weeks we practiced it, but then Sunday we had the band from the Contemporary Worship Service accompany us, and it changed from a gospel tune to country, with a drumbeat during the (almost) a capella section that was very reminiscent of some 70’s hit I can’t quite remember, and now I can’t get it out of my freakin’ head. I don’t really like this song. I want it gone.