What's your favorite F-Bomb?

So many varied uses, so many connotations… it’s the swiss army knife of vulgarity.

I have a particular fondness for when it’s closest to “C’mon.”… an expression of incredulity, frustration and perhaps a bit of urging.

As in:

“Oh I know he says this time he’s really going to change his wayys, but fuuu#%!, how much more of this do you take?”

My favorite F-bomb would be one that actually explodes.

Oh, so you’re the gentleman who doesn’t know how to spell “fuck”.

I don’t have a favorite–I love all my fucks equally, from the little bitty tiny fucks to the great big monster megafucks. But this does remind me of what is perhaps still my favorite scene from The Wire: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

(Spoilered for NSFWness, though it’s not exactly titillating.)

The one that came to mind when I read the OP:

“Aww, fuck me!” for those times when “oh, shit” isn’t enough

Tired, old, cliched, “what the fuck” for me. But a clear, pronounced, and emphatic version. What. The. Fuck. as opposed to a quick one and never the acronym.

Damn it! That’s what I came in here to post.

I know it’s somewhat non-PC, but “fucktard” just seems so appropriate for some people.


And “Fibromyalgia.”

Aww fer Fuck-sake!

Many years ago (1980’s?) an artist snuck in the word “fuck” in the background of a panel in a Spider-Man comic book.

(But that’s nothing when compared to how Reed Richard’s computer was programmed to shit itself off!)

Same here, although make mine a puzzled/confused/interrogative “…the fuck ?”

Very good one too !

My new favorite is fuckety-fuck or fuckity-fuck? Unclear on spelling; but like a little kid with a swear word I can not stop saying it fuckityfuckityfuckityfuckity repeat.

I’ve always liked “Fuck me in the goat ass”. I think Adam Sandler said that?

My favorite use is probably in this little strip, as it’s something I would totally fucking say to my own son, also named Kyle.

But generally speaking, I like the in-fucking-sertion use of fuck.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

“You’re so fucked. Here, let me get a picture while I’m at it.”

Classic. It’s what I first thought of when I saw the thread title.


What’s the military alphabet?

Fuckin’ - A…
Fuckin’ - B…
Fuckin’ - C…