What's your favorite Pepperidge Farms cookie?

I like Orange Milanos…Mrs. ricepad prefers Mint Milanos.
And has anybody ever had a package of Pepperidge Farms cookies long enough to be concerned about the freshness date?

Mint milanos.

Chocolate Milanos. Oh, and those little gingerbread men that have the big sugar crystals sprinkled on top.

The Geneva ones are the best! As far as the freshness date goes, I’ve never had a package around more than 36 hours, so I can’t help you there.


Milanos. MMMMMMMMM!!! I love Milanos. They are even good melted when you are in 100 degree weather in summer camp.

Damn, now im hungry.

I read this thread, got up and went directly to our pantry to get the Lemon Coolers.

It’s not the same, I know. “Milanos” were added to the grocery list on the way out of the kitchen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew so many people were hip to Milanos…
The missus is hooked on Double Chocolate Milanos and trying to get me involved and, I hate to admit it, I’ll snack on them when no one’s looking

I’m bad…

Brussels (?) or Milanos, depending on the mood. Yum…

Also her Snicker doodles.
Don’t they have any good cookies where you folks live?
Safeway’s fancy brand lemon sandwich cookies ain’t bad. Most of their flavors are pretty good, as a matter of fact.
Pepperidge Farm? I dunno. I’ve tried most of them, but found them wanting.
To each his own, eh?

White Chocolate with Macadamia nuts. The big ones.
And Genevas.

Our local Shop Rite has an excellent bakery. They
made white chocolate pecan cookies and oatmeal
raisin cookies that are to die for.

They don’t make my favorite anymore, the Capri. Mmmmmm. When i got done being pissed about that, I adopted the Endless Chocolate Milano as a merely adequate replacement.

Orange Milano. Bought a bag just last night. Any left? Of course not.

A bag of double chocolate Milanos and a quart of milk is, if not Paradise, a reasonable facsimile.

White chocolate/macadamia nut ones. [strawberry milk]
Milanos. [regular milk]
Girl scout thin mints. [chocolate milk]
And of course a glass of milk for each kind.

Sausalito—macadamia and milk chocolate. mmm-mmm

Chantilly, but they don’t make them any more.

Raine McCloud says Sausalito, while I prefer Milanos.

I also like the Orange Milanos the best.
The Mint Milanos are a very close second, tied with the Double Chocolate Milanos. The Brussels are good, too.

Freshness date? Are you kidding? I’m lucky to make it home without eating a few.
I do what Astorian does. A bag of PF’s, some cold milk and a good book…heaven!

Damn. It’s 10:30 and now I am gonna have to go hit the 7-11 for a PF fix.
They always look at me funny when I go in there in my jammies.

You know, you just don’t get quality questions like this in real life. God/GaWd I love this place!
Milano’s. Any flavor.

Pepperidge Farm cookie bags are the Pringle This-Tube-Is-My-Serving-Go-Get-Yer-Own of cookies.

Mint Milanos.