What's Your Favorite Position?

(Well I thought all the other sexual topics had been done, so here goes…)

What is/are your favorite position(s)?

As for me:

I’m not prejudice, “I like 'em all.” :smiley:

Second Base.

:: ducks and runs for cover ::

Zev Steinhardt

I like to sleep on my side (facing the edge) with my top leg bent and one arm under the pillow…

Oh… wrong topic… I must have sleep on the brain…

My favorite position?


Devil’s Advocate.

Tight end?

No! Wait…

Secretary of Defense!

No… wait!


No… hang on…


Nah… Gimme a second… Ooh! I know!

Right Foot on Blue.

Left Defence (lacrosse)
Crease defence has to stay on his man ( * really on him * ) too much; it gets old.


On the couch, in front of the TV, while the Longhorns play.

Middle of the road

In front of my computer, just like now.

Usually in the second row of desks, two or three from the end.

“I’ll take up a position behind you Ace!”
“Thanks Gary!”

** Phil **, I prefer the ones by the windows.

The upper hand.

Pitcher :wink:

Fifth position. (The one where you have one foot behind the other, just before you do a pirouette.)

Middle blocker.