How are you seated right now?

I was going to title this “What’s your favorite position” but I prefer to avoid titles with possible sexual double-entendres.

So, when reading the SDMB, what is your most comfortable, seated placement?

For me, I can swivel back on the chair, prop the feet up on the desk, and control all mouse actions with my arm still resting on the chair’s arm-rest.

Seems I can remain this way for hours. Sometimes, I think, I often do.

So, “How are you seated right now?”

On my couch.

My monitor is on top of a couple of trunks which I use for storage about 10 degrees to the right, the base unit lives on the floor to my right (neatly doubling as a coffee table), keyboard on my lap and my optical mouse on the sofa’s arm.

Hours? Man, if I got myself a catheter I could be here for days

And yes, I do live alone. :smiley:


Reclined in executive office chair, right foot tucked under left knee, left hand in pocket (for warmth, its freezing in here), right hand on mouse.

I am actually not sitting right now, but am on my knees in front of the computer. My mother is using the chair right now because she is sewing and I am too lazy to go get another chair.

I am sitting criss-cross-applesauce(indian style) in the computer chair. I am not using the arm movement it would take to reach the mouse. I am scrolling with the down arrow.
Yeah, I know I’m lazy, wanna make something of it?

I’m on my big purple bean bag chair on the floor in front of my coffee table (where the computer resides). It’s incredibly comfortable and I can adjust and lean back with my feet up and the keyboard on my lap if I want to.

I’m in a big comfy spruce green rocker recliner, ankles crossed, but few minutes ago my feet were tucked under my behind.

I’m sitting in a normal chair at the moment. I’ve also got both feet flat on the seat so my knees can hold the pillow that I’m resting my chin on.

Until you made me shift positions to type (damn you) I had both feet curled under me, leaning to one side in my office chair, balancing a plate of pizza on my legs and lap as I scrolled with one hand on my trackball.

I have no furniture really, other than my bed. So me and my laptop plunk down here on the bed with my huge Pile o’ Pillows and surf away.

Yeah, the laptop gets really warm after a while.

Actually, I’m hanging by my toes from the clothes rod in my closet, with the keyboard and trackball nailed to the underside of an old wooden swing I stole from a nearby Catholic school. The monitor is sitting upside down on the floor.

I just find it more relaxing this way.

Sitting in my “computer chair” with my legs twisted (yes, almost literally twisted, not just crossed).

I’m leaning against one arm of the chair, with my left foot tucked under me and my right one on the floor. I shift positions a lot, so this is by no means the norm. Sometimes I’m crosslegged, sometimes I sit on the back of the chair, with my feet on the seat. I was doing that a few minutes ago, until I decided to respond to this thread. The fact is, my chair is ridiculously uncomfortable, and so shifting around is the only way to keep sane. It doesn’t detract from the amount of time I can spend here, though.

BTW - my computer is on one of those 99$ student’s desks, for those of you who want the whole image :slight_smile:

I’m sitting here cross-legged, not quite a lotus position. My right foot is atop my left knee, and my left foot is under my right knee. I’m sitting on a swivel desk chair. I’m wearing underwear and socks.

I’m oddly flexible. I prefer not to sit in the lotus position unless I’m not doing anything else, but this cross-legged position is most comfortable. This is how I usually sit at work, too, which does get me the odd odd stare.

generally, i sit in a spinney chair that i broke one of the interior restraints off of, so now it rocks back to about a 45[sup]o [/sup] angle, which i normally sit at. while in this position, i have my left arm up behind me head, so the elbow is up against the back of my head so the forearm dangles down along my spine. the right hand controls all my stuff (on the computer, for that i use my left hand. and, for computer use, that should definetly get a mention, but i digress… :D), until i lean forward to type, which is the only time i take my hand off the mouse.

Errr…My feet are propped on the desk. Right hand is on mouse. Left foot braced against wall enough to tip chair back to maximum tilt. Keyboard in lap.

Really comfey, but my butt always goes numb within 15 minutes, and my right hand gets cold a lot sooner than that.
Oh, what a life I lead. :slight_smile:

We just purchased a sofa with two recliners in it so Mr. Ruby and I could have “Dueling Laptops” :slight_smile:

Feet: Up
Dog: Cuddled on my left
Arm: Resting on the right operating mouse.

Ahhhhh, life’s a bitch, eh? :smiley:

And milo_mindbender, I just can’t get that image of a catheter out of my head. If we could patent that, I think we could sell them like hotcakes to the Teeming Millions! :smiley:

Sitting in my favorite corner on the couch (after removing cat; it’s her favorite corner also), legs tucked under me. I have my laptop on my little laptop desk (hard top, beanbag bottom). TV is on and I’m watching police videos on FX. Iced tea is on the little end table next to my elbow.

Life is good. :slight_smile:


Sorry folks, you’re too late…

I like to sit in my chair at work with a binder on my desk and my cursor on the minimize box incase the boss happens to exit his habitat for a split second on his way to the coffee machine, cause god knows he doesn’t do anything else!

hey, just do “windows button” - M. that does a minimize all.