What's your first thought when you see this photo?

Photo of man and girl running

I’m curious whether anyone else had the same (horrifying) thought when they saw this photo.

I’m also curious whether other people would be horrified or heartwarmed by the idea.

A little glurgy, but shit, whaddayagonna do? Nothing spectacular nor horrifying about it for me.

But, damn, am I curious to know what your interpretation is.

I’d like to hold off - I want to see whether the (truly horrifying) idea occurs spontaneously to anyone else, or whether I’m hopelessly jaded.

Nothing horrifying comes to mind, and I tend to go to pretty dark places.

Sorry, my dirty (and horror-loving) mind doesn’t come up with anything.

This right here.

I can’t figure out what the horrifying thing about it might be.

Okay, now I’m a little embarrassed…

You know those stories about deaf parents deliberately trying to have a deaf child? Kinda like that. And the caption only makes it worse - if the kid objects, then she has a bad attitude.

Oh, god, that’s funny.

“I said run! Your attitude is for shit!”

OK, I agree, that’s good. :smiley:

I guess I’m neutral - my first thought was “Photoshop.”

Wow…that is some serious sick shit right there.

Will you be my best friend?

WTF is the matter with you?

Do you have any idea what you’re looking at? Dude, if it’s possible to take a dump on your own karma, then you’ve just done it. If I were the Supreme Being, that photo is the only thing that would have stopped me from annihilating the planet today.

My first thought was along the lines of daddy cut off her feet to handicap her in his image. I concede that it’s possible that she came about her loss honestly, but it wasn’t my first thought. Save me a seat on the bus to hell.

I wanted to crawl under my bed this afternoon because it seemed plausible that the same people who would condone a deaf couple actively trying for a deaf baby might find the idea of a father removing his daughter’s perfectly good feet heartwarming. I wasn’t laughing when I saw this picture - I really was horrified.

… although I did laugh later when I imagined the t-shirt: “My daddy cut off my feet and all I got were these lousy flip-flops.”

I’d never heard of deaf people trying to have deaf children. I just read an article about. I can’t believe that. I can’t believe anyone is seriously considering their twisted idea. I wouldn’t mind forced sterilization in this case.

Now I can be very crude. Really, I’m often digusting. But I could not look at that picture and imagine what you did. I guess I’m not as warped as I thought.

Here’s the story behind the photo. He’s Oscar Pistorious, a double amputee who’s running the 400m at the London Games.
She is Ellie Challis who lost her lower legs and hands to meningitis at the age of 16 months.

Now, see, this story is heartwarming. (Or at least it would be if I had a heart instead of a black hole where a heart would normally be…)

That’s pretty much what I guessed from the picture: amputee athlete mentoring a child with a similar disability.