What's your opinion on the new Avatars on this board?

Not to wild about it myself. I preferred the cleaner look. What do you think?

It’ll take some getting used to. In the long run it will probably make individual posters more recognizeable/rememberable to me - I’m terrible remembering names; perhaps remembering ‘faces’ will help.

I’ve considered putting one up myself, but haven’t taken the leap.

I’m OK with it. I prefer they remain small so the text still dominates posts.

It’s fun. And colorful. But not distracting. It’s not like everyone is using an animated gif of the battling seizure robots…yet

Note to self: Find animated gif of battling seizure robots…

I’m at peace with it.

I turned them off. The lack of avatars and pictures had been one of the nicest things about this board over the years.

I like them - it’s interesting to see how people who I recognize by user name represent themselves. The other boards I’m on have them, so no big deal.

They aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they might be. Keep them small, though.

Love them.

I’m surprised to admit I don’t mind them, as long as they aren’t animated and remain small. But we’ll see.

I find them annoying and distracting. But it was easy enough for me to turn them off, so I can’t complain.

I didn’t know there were any and now that I know I will make no effort to see them anyway. So I guess I am a “no opinion.”

While I put one in, I won’t be viewing anyone’s avatars ever. So my opinion is that same as it was before - as long as they don’t clutter my view, I’m fine with them.

I’m seeing red over them.


I do find them distracting, but not really to the level of being actively annoying. But it took me all of 30 seconds to disable and send the boards are back to the same old boring, hive-mind pit of anti-individualism it ever was :). I’ve got no problem whatsoever with the current implementation.

they are nice, if too small. :wink:

I like that they jazz up the place a little, but don’t have strong feelings. The small size suits here, I think, and strikes a decent balance between wanting a little individual flair and keeping it a pretty clean board.

Turning them off was easy and the is no impact on my view with them off. Overall I’m happier with it then I expected.

I thought they would bother me, but they don’t. It’ll take me weeks to figure out what I want mine to be though! Or longer even.