What's your secret power?

I like to believe everybody can do something neat. I’m not a very good example; my best ‘power’ is the ability to find the negative in any given scenario.

I have a friend who has a much neater power though. He can look at a common domestic housecat (from a distance, any angle/view) and tell whether it’s male or female. From the unscientific tests we’ve done, I’d say he hits it right about 85% of the time.

So what’s your secret power?

I can dislocate my left thumb and put it back at will. I’m gonna go join the X-Men now.

I can get along with anybody.

I can correctly predict the outcome of last years Superbowl.

When the phone rings, I almost always know who’s calling.

I found out Thursday night I can make my car do a slow three-sixty while leaving the road at 50+mph, spin out down a snowy embankment and NOT let the vehicle roll over. (I drive a Geo Tracker.)

Gravysucking scumbag in a pickup pulling a travel trailer ran me off the freeway last night in a snowstorm. As I’m alongside his trailer, he suddenly pulls into the left lane (no one’s ahead, so he’s not trying to pass anyone). Drove me right off the pavement and through a few highway markers. He slowed down for a few seconds, then took off.

But I found out I can control time and physics, at least within the confines of my car.

I wish I had the secret power of telekinesis. One particular pickup-and-trailer owner would be picking his brains (or bits of his pecker) off his friggin’ dashboard.

  • I can program a VCR. ANY VCR.

  • I can handle a CD or DVD without staining it with digitals.

  • I can remember a lot of the stupid things I did, heard and saw when I was a wee tot, but now I have a terrible short-term memory, especially when I’m absent-minded or distracted.

  • I can hypnotize cats. I kid you not. I can make my cats sleep just by looking at em. Without blinking.

  • I can make any piece of machinery behave just applying a nice kick.

  • I can make funny accents, but I’m completely unable to mask my voice. Speaking in a low tone or in falsetto, everybody recognizes it.

  • Can can survive without food or sleep for hours, If I want.

  • Not meaning to be rude, I can apply oral suction to my own manhood.

I can belch on command.


I’m Batman


I’m a moderator on the SDMB.

I don’t think I really have a power…
However, my BF can survive on little to no sleep. I swear, in 2 years, I have never seen him sleep. There have been times when I thought he was asleep, but then he would scratch his head, or say something, or drop other clues that he’s awake.

That was secret, you fool! Now the Illuminati will be forced to do the torture-murder and cannibalism ceremony again!

Oh well, it’ll be a pleasant break from watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the umpteenth time.


That’s not a superpower. That’s a freaky mutation.

When I used to play backgammon extensively I could call my dice. Especially the crushing game winning doubles or the surgically precise long distance blot.

What would really piss off my friends was when I’d call their dice. I was told on more than one occassion to cease and desist. And you better believe I wasn’t calling big doubles for them either!

I’ve been predicting who is calling me on the phone since I was a teenager. Still do it now, much to people’s surprise.

Last night I guessed that BigFriendlyGiant had found some glass bottles when he mentioned finding something while tearing down a bunkhouse back East.

Sometimes I read people’s minds, which scares them pretty badly. I was visiting a friend’s lobster booth at the flea market. After a silence, I turned and asked his wife what she was going to make for dinner that night. She almost jumped out of her skin and told me that was her exact thought at the moment.

I can time travel.

It’s true. I can go forward in time. All I need to do is lay down and close my eyes and then, next thing I know, hours have gone by and it’s felt like only seconds! Happens every night.

Haven’t figured out how to get back in time though.

– I can out-guilt a Catholic.


anyone have a clue why my img didn’t work?

Is this what you wanted? I don’t know if you can post images, so I just linked this for you.

I can memorize anything forever, as long as it’s about racing.

Also, after I read or hear something, I can recall the exact words verbatim. This has helped me on hundreds of tests.

I can cover 19 miles in 12 minutes. This works out to an average speed of about 90 mph, which I do not understand, as I never go over 80 – 85 max, and that’s for extremely short distances. But I know the data are correct because I’ve replicated it on a regular basis. Maybe I’m doing my average speed calculations wrong – but I don’t THINK so, average velocity is change in space over change in time, so the only thing I might be wrong on is my change from minutes to hours? Now I’m smoking out the ears from thinking so much on winter vacation.

I can read stuff that’s upside-down and/or backwards.

I’m the best speller I know.

I can key almost 10,000 keystrokes per hour.