What's your take on...

… :rolleyes:

Do you use it after a

A. wry but humorous comment?
B. bitingly sarcastic observation?
C. bit of self deprecation?
D. Other?

I am frequently tempted to punctuate humor with :rolleyes:. Long ago, however, when I used it that way, I got whole bunch of Dopers seriously ticked off, e.g., one guy came back with “Don’t roll your goddam eyes at me, BarnOwl!!!”

And of course I had to. Again. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Since then I have invoked it rarely, if at all.

How about yourself - do you get a lot of grief when you :rolleyes: ?

If you’re going to reply with links to 1001 threads on this subject, I can only say in advance, I’m deeply sorry, but don’t know how to search on a friggin cartoon. :rolleyes:

I take it to mean “What a maroon!” Whether that observation is directed toward myself or another should be inferrable from context.

If folk are annoyed by others tutting, indrawing breath, and rolling their eyes (usually in kind of a schoolmarmish disapproval) – they’ll be hacked off with seeing the :rolleyes: online, I think. Some here overused it, and it led to bitter battles over in the Pit.

Aimed at someone who isn’t a poster here, say at someone involved in an event in current affairs, the effect isn’t so personal.

I use it, quite simply, whenever in normal face-to-face conversation I would roll my eyes.

I don’t use it at all. As your post points out, it can be misconstrued. Communication is tough enough face-to-face. It is even tougher via a message board. No sense introducing things that some view as offensive.

What CAN’T be?

As I’ve said before, if people are offended by a mere smilie, for heaven’s sake, the problem is not the smilie. If it were overtly racist, sexist, etc., that’s an entirely different matter.

My apologies. I thought he was asking what I do and why - I hadn’t realized this was a debate. I withdraw my comments as I’m disinterested in debating my view with you. You may use whichever smiley you wish. I will continue to not use it.