Whatsay we

all pitch in and get a couple of new servers for the Reader to put the boards on?
I don’t know about you, but I dasn’t even try to view threads, let alone post, during the meat of the day.
I’m figuring they started these boards as a way to enhance the Dope site, almost as an after thought.
Then, membership swelled so much, they were caught unawares.
I’m figuring they dragged an old 486X33 up from the basement or something.
We don’t pay for this, and it’s a very nice thing, so it seems a bit much to ask them to upgrade without any help on our paarts, so, could we start a fund to upgrade to some kick-ass servers for the baords, and how would it be done, if so?

Send all the money to me to hold?

But really, any thoughts?
Reader Staff, Ed? Waddya think?

Same thought occured to me a few weeks ago, inor!

If it’s feasible, I’d be willing to kick in a few bucks! But I think we need input from the Administrators

Admins??? (Don’t make me add more questions marks!!! I’ll do it if I have to!)

Finger poised over the question mark key…

This question has been asked, and answered.

In short: ain’t gonna happen. :wink:

lock 'er down if you see fit Cold, or anybody.
Thanks for the ref- That warmed my heart…

No problemo, inor.