Whee! The UPS guy just made me happy!

He just delivered my two newest Threadless.com t-shirts!

Relative Speed
Stone Jungle

Threadless owns me. I get at least one new shirt a month. My boss looks forward to seeing new ones.

Most recently I added Amazon Addiction, Anthill Trap, and Polar Gardening. Make Yourself at Home is my current work computer wallpaper.

Darn you!

Mine haven’t arrived yet, though according to the tracking number they were expected to be delivered yesterday. :rolleyes: They’ll probably be here next week.

The UPS man is holding my hockey tickets hostage until Tuesday. :mad:

Crap, I missed the $10 sale, didn’t I? I had two or three I wanted to get (Stone Jungle being one of them.)

Inspired by this thread, I just ordered: Nineteen Seventy Five, 7.00, and Frida’s Garden.


Oh, I like those! I was trying this time to order t-shirts in colors I didn’t have. I already have two black, a navy, a silver (hate the color), an eggplant (hate the color on me), and a gold. So now I have a slate and a green. And I’m wearing Stone Jungle right now. Yay!

AudreyK, I like all of those, too. Especially the anthill trap!

bouv, don’t worry, they’ll probably have another $10 sale before Christmas. Maybe they’ll still have Stone Jungle then!

::grumble:: stupid G-rated threads with X-rated titles… ::walks away::