When are we gonna get some respect?

How many of you sports fans out there don’t think your team “gets enough respect”? I know you’re out there, I’ve heard fans complain on radio talk shows, message boards, chats, newspapers, etc. Even players and coaches whine about “respect”.

  1. What exactly is “respect”

  2. How can you tell if you get it?

You get respect once you earn it.

I think respect, as it relates to a sports team, is being recognized for being good. The Yankees, for instance, are respected as a franchise because of their history as champions and as a team recently because of their 3 World Championships in the last 4 years. Love them or hate them, you have to respect them.

You get respect by earning it and proving yourself over the long haul. And you’ll know when you have it. It isn’t in all the posturing and histrionics on and off the field. It’s just the quiet assurance that other teams don’t look forward to facing you, even on their own home field.

The Dave-Guy
“since my daughter’s only half-Jewish, can she go in up to her knees?” J.H. Marx

Is this a thing that should be on the Great Debates board?

As for the Yankees, I don’t “have to respect” anything about them. Since the arrival of free agency, player/team identification is non-existent and teams are comprised merely of the players the owners can afford. What am I, gonna ‘respect’ money?

I don’t know why fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free…


Well, yes and no.

You would think that the Yankees would get respect for their accomplishments. But still, detractors are quick to harp on things like how they “bought” a championship, and they love to talk about Strawberry’s problems.

Not signs of “respect.”

Ultimately, like in the real world, there is no “respect” anymore.

Yer pal,

As soon as:

  1. team wives stop talking to their hubbies during sex over the phone;

  2. the trainer stops saying “You want a second opinion ? You’re ugly, too !”;

  3. players stop waking up in the library to find blind persons reading their faces;

  4. as soon as team dinners stop featuring steaks that still have marks from where the jockey was hiiting it…

[courtesy the great Rodney Dangerfield, natch]

Thanks, Satan, for your non-satisfying response!

When I was growing up, pro sports were different. Lou Groza kicked for the Browns until he was well into grandfatherhood. Joe Nuxhall – the youngest person to ever play baseball in the majors – pitched for my Reds, period.

John Rocker is nothing more than typical of the new breed of crybabies. Still, I’d take Rocker’s version of the truth (it’s not THAT far off) over anything any team-owner has to say. The owners, as the term implies, OWN the games now.

I don’t know why fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free…


TBone, the owners always did own the game, and even more so than they do now. They even owned the players until the abolition of the reserve clause. Free agency has caused a new wrinkle in the game, in that the team with the best salary budget can load up on the most expensive (which sometimes translates to best) players.

So don’t respect the Yankees because they bought their championships. But then you shouldn’t respect the Yankees of the 30s, 40s and 50s because they enslaved Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, et al. so they could win championships and traded other players for the same reason. Do you think the owners of yesteryear were altruistic or something? They’ve always wanted to win championships, and so did the players. Those players on championship teams thought the reserve clause was great. They got their World Series bonuses and gladly signed for the next year.

But free agency has put the earning power where it belongs; in the hands of the ones who win the games. Those players who command the big salaries either get their contracts with contending teams or are signed to help make the team contenders.

BTW, championships are not “bought”. The season is still 162 games, and the teams still have to win 60% or so of those games. Throwing money out on the field is no guarantee of anything. Winning over the long haul is what counts. Any team that does that, whatever their budget, is worthy of respect, IMO.

The Dave-Guy
“since my daughter’s only half-Jewish, can she go in up to her knees?” J.H. Marx

You want respect?

You gotta go out there and play some ball.
You gotta give 110%.
You gotta show 'em where you came from.
You gotta play hurt.
You gotta dig in that extra inch.
You gotta make an effort.
You gotta be a real contender.
You gotta suit up every day.
You gotta move the ball.
You gotta give it everything you’ve got.
You gotta hit 'em in the numbers.
You gotta know who you are.
You gotta be there to play ball.
You gotta give a total team effort.
You gotta make your own breaks.
You gotta play your hearts out.
You gotta defend your home court.
You gotta find a way to win.
You gotta overcome adversity.
You gotta show a lot of character.
You gotta send a message.
You gotta have mental toughness.
You gotta have a history.
You gotta play in-your-face.
You gotta go the distance.
You gotta put up big numbers.
You gotta play in a great sports town.
You gotta have a great winning tradition.
You gotta go down to the wire.
You gotta change the complexion of the game.
You gotta make the crowd go wild.
You gotta get withing striking distance.
You gotta get good calls.
You gotta make your own luck.
You gotta throw some heat.
You gotta stick the landing.
You gotta be mentally prepared.
You gotta be really proud of your guys.
You gotta have your game-face on.
You gotta have a great future ahead of you.
You gotta know that there is no “I” in “TEAM.”
You gotta take care of business.
You gotta stay hungry.
You gotta suck it up.
You gotta turn it up a notch.
You gotta control your own destiny.
You gotta dominate the field/boards/gridiron.
You gotta find a way to win.
You gotta win one for the gipper.

Then you get respect!

…but when you get blue, and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans!

Respect is okay, getting it through Fear is fun.