When bad hair happens to good people (pics)

Does this mean good people never have bad hair days? Because I like to think of myself as a good person, but up until last Friday every day was a bad hair day.

Then I hacked all my hair off, and now people tell me I have the “Carrie Bradshaw” haircut. Wait, is that a compliment, or an insult? I’m so confused.

Speaking of :confused:
I’m not sure if I’m good or not, but I bleached my hair blond. :slight_smile: I think it’s an improvement, too.

maybe they are saying Terry Bradshaw? (he be bald)

Weren’t pics promised?

I was kinda looking forward to some quick giggles before I march off to work. No pics? Aww well.

I don’t think The Mermaid realizes her OP got eaten.

Then I march in here, and confuse people by not mentioning the aforementioned missing OP.

Does that clear it up? Hopefully she’ll be back to give us a link.

Not sure where my OP went but I blame the gerbils.

I have started a new thread Pics and all.

Could we get a mod to lock this off? Thanks.