We Should Be Able To Stay Home for "Bad-Hair Days"

I am just going to fucking shave my head and wear wigs, like Queen Eliz. I. My goddam hair has decided all of its own accord that it is going to style itself into the attractive “Alfalfa look” today . . . Flat, parted in the middle, with a cowlick. No amount of spray, mousse, or cuss-filled ladies’ room visits with comb and brush have dissuaded it. Right now it is violently combed back and slicked down. NOT a good look for me.

Wigs. That’s the ticket. Different color and 'do every day of the week.

Goddam hair.

Just wanted to give you a big “Right on” Eve. I have very little hair to being with, and when it doesn’t do what I tell it to do, I just wanna lie down and go back to sleep.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth is quite the cutting-edge fashion trendsetter, isn’t she?

You could just shave it and leave it that way. Works for Jesse Ventura, but then again, he used to be a Navy Seal, you know.

I personally think I should be able to stay home if I forgot to do laundry this weekend and don’t have anything to wear. At least get a half day for laundry.

[Bill Clinton voice] " Ah feel your pain." [/Bill Clinton voice]

My hair has to be steamed into submission every morning in a hot shower.
Otherwise I look like a woodpecker that just flew into a closed window.

Yup. I woke up with “hand-grenade hair” this morning. Thankfully, there are only three people in the office and each of us looked like that today. (I love finally having co-workers I can commiserate with!)
Better than my normal “drowned rodent” look.

Honestly, if I had the money I would shave my head and buy a bunch of different wigs. That would be cool. And think about a hot summer day when your hair is driving you crazy and it’s sorta plastered to your face in sweaty strands. You could just take the wig off and let the breeze prevent you from going insane. Plus it would allow me to see what I’d look like as a blonde.

Omigod, do you think there’s a bad-hair epidemic today? This could be like the Black Death of the 1600s, except with everyone running around frantically with really awful-looking hair!

I am about to head into the ladies’ room again, with brush, comb, John Frieda modeling spray, whip and chair.

P.S. Of course you know I meant Queen Eliz. I, not Queen Eliz. II . . .

Well, since I decided to grow my hair out, EVERY day is a bad hair day. Bleh.

I’d boast about my naturally curly hair, but then you’d all hate me.

Eve, the Black Death actually started in Europe in 1347. I doubt bad hair is spread by rats. Possibly MTV, though.

While I didn’t have a horrid hair day, I did have an irritating hair day. Rather than just letting my hair hang, like I always do, this mornin’ I had the big idea of trying to braid the mop. Well, after a few minutes of wrestling my hair into a braid, I decided that it looked really stupid and ended up letting the hair hang anyway. I don’t know why I even try.

I also have naturally curly hair. It’s a curse. Talk about not doing what you want it to do! At least it’s a fun color these days.

I’d be all for baseball caps as an alternative to days off, as I’d be home more than I’d be at work (not that that would be a bad thing…). However, I have some days that are just as bad wearing a cap as not.

Sigh. “Crowning Glory” indeed.

Baldness descrimination! Baldness descrimination! Protest! Rally! Lobby Congress!

I’m not bald, you understand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are bald. Well, actually, none of my best friends are bald.

Damn, this soapbox looked so sturdy before I stood on it…

Long hair was so much more user-friendly . . . I would just pile it atop my noggin with pins, in a loose chignon. Trouble is, I didn’t look so much like a Gibson Girl as an aging hippie.

So now I have short hair and it requires endless setting, spraying, moussing, restyling . . . And I am not young and pretty enough to just “let it go.”

Wigs. That’s definitely the way to go.

The worst bad hair days are those that start out at 8am as “hair can probably cope” days but evolve into “I condition with glue and lard!” days by 11am.

Hey, I have naturally curly hair…and I haven’t had a bad hair day like today was in a looooong time. It sure was horrid though…started out looking like something from the 60’s(very puffy)…and a little Frizz-Ease turned it into something with no life to it.

I wish it would get it’s act together and grow already…so I could put it up when it does this.

I made the stupid mistake of making a lst minute hair appointment from the phone book a couple of weeks ago. DON’T EVER DO THAT!! I ended up getting my hair cut by a very sweet, but very 75-year-old woman! So I’ve been angry at my hair since then. The weird thing is, at least three people have given me compliments on the way my hair looks. I feel compelled to say “No, you’re wrong, it looks awful.” and they say “No, it looks nice.” And I think they really mean it. So now I’m having hair paranoia. Does my hair usually look WORSE than this?

…and while sometimes it’s nice, it usually drives me apes***. It looks okay right after I’ve washed, moussed, sprayed, clipped it up, let it set, & blow dried it. Fabulous. It starts to fall after about four hours.

I have a frizz problem, too. With the exception of the aforementioned four hours of fabulousness, it’s frizzy. Most days are “okay hair, if you’re not going to do what I say, then get the hell out of my way” days. I’ll pull it back off my face, and try & fluff it out a little. But my hair is also red, and has a serious 'tude. It’ll look decent…until I walk away from the mirror. I get to work, BAM! Gone to hell.

One of the funniest things I ever saw was a few years ago, on the news. They decided to do a fluff piece on bad hair days. They did the man-on-the-street thing, approaching people and asking if they’d had bad hair days. One of the people they asked was a bald guy. Telly Savalas-bald. No hair whatsoever. He laughed, and said “no, I haven’t had any bad hair days in a while, but lately, I have been having a series of bad forehead days.” Cracked me up!:smiley:

I have long hair, which is manageable via chignons or braids. I also have bangs, the residual of a Very Bad Decision. On bad days I’ll wander into the ladies’ room and discover my bangs standing up, waving like curly bamboo in the breeze. I tell my friends that it’s ok to tell me when my hair is misbehaving, but they are no help.

My father used the same barber for 30 years, until the day when he got half a haircut because the barber got confused and failed to cut the other side. He (the barber) retired shortly thereafter, I think.

But I don’t see why a 75-year-old shouldn’t be able to cut hair well, if she’s reasonably alert and doesn’t have bad arthritis. Maybe it does look good, but you’re not used to the style?

Half-Scottish dad + half-Korean mom = really bad hair. It can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be straight or curly. Fortunately it’s thick and lustrous, but I have to keep it cut severely short in order to be able to do anything at all with it.