Am I the only guy who hasn't gotten a haircut since February?

It seems like everywhere I go (which basically consists of the grocery store, liquor store and post office), 9 out of 10 men appear to have gotten a haircut fairly recently. I am a bit puzzled since ‘nonessential’ (to me, anyway) seems to be a pretty accurate description of ‘haircut.’

I would prefer my tombstone not read “died of a haircut” but I guess most guys don’t agree with me on that… interested in your thoughts…

(signed) Shaggy Jaycat.

I haven’t had a haircut since last December. It’s not that I’m worried about catching anything, because I could just have my wife give me a shear with the clippers; it’s just that I retired, and I don’t wanna bother doing it.

It’s easy enough to cut your own hair with clippers, if you’re okay with a simple short cut.

I probably should have mentioned that I’m also retired. I do have an occasional Zoom meeting for my part-time job, but no one cares what I look like, and I can always turn off my camera.

I’ve cut my hair three times since then. It’s a little awkward, but I’ve done an ok job with clippers. The length attachments make it pretty easy to blend together the sides, back, and top. I hate the shaggy feeling.

I haven’t had a haircut since last fall, and that one was just a “maintenance” cut. I get mine cut once every year or two, so this is one area where the pandemic hasn’t messed with me.

I have had three since they opened back up. I always wear N95 masks wherever I go, not the cheapies. You are covered with a smock that gets used one time. Every station is cleaned after each customer and they only allow three people in at a time.

I’m a woman who hasn’t had a haircut since February, or a dye job. And I still work full time, and am in Zoom meetings all the damn time since I am the web conferencing consultant for my department. There’s a pretty shocking difference between my Zoom profile photo and the actual me. But everyone knows why and doesn’t seem to care. Don’t worry about it. If the hair itself makes you uncomfortable, just get some clippers and buzz it.

I haven’t had a haircut since this whole thing began. March. Before that, even.

Doesn’t really matter, though. My hair is always, and has always been (well, since I was about 16), in a ponytail. Now it’s a longer ponytail. Not much of a difference.

I am encroaching upon ponytail-ness. Haven’t worn one since about 1974.

romansperson: I’m not uncomfortable with the long hair, I actually kind of like it. Just wondering why everyone else doesn’t look like me about now. Priorities, I guess.

I haven’t gotten a haircut since well before lockdown.

I can’t for the life of me fathom why so many people seem to care so much about whether they have gotten haircuts. Just let it go!

When my hair gets long it starts taking longer to clean, and I need more shampoo and conditioner. Getting a haircut actually saves both time and money in the long run.

Just got one three weeks ago, first one since Thanksgiving. They used the electric clippers; It looked like a small dog had exploded! :laughing:

I was just about due for a haircut when everything shut down in March. I’m not ready to expose myself to germs yet, though. Luckily the previous haircut has grown out pretty well, but I could use a summer cut. It’s gone from shoulder-length to well beyond.

I briefly toyed with the idea of letting my hair grow long, like a video-game character. Unfortunately, my hair grows in a curving shape, meaning that when it gets long enough, it just brushes and tickles my facial and scalp skin nonstop, enough to be maddeningly itchy. So, short it must be.

Oops, I misread the title. I’m not a guy. But I need a haircut.

Are video game characters known for their long hair?

I got my first cut in about 6 months almost two weeks ago.

I’m a woman with long hair, so that makes the lack of a fresh cut less obvious. But I highlight my hair, and for the last year or two I’ve been getting Brazilian Blowouts. (My hair is only sorta wavy, so it’s not a huge difference in texture, but still.) I haven’t been to the salon since January. If all I wanted was a trim, I might’ve considered risking it. But I’m in that chair for hours; I feel the risk of catching the virus (or spreading it if I’m already infected) in that time is too great to justify, even for my Disney-villainesque level of vanity.

I’ve not had a haircut since November, 2019, and I am worried about catching something. The person who has been cutting my hair for 15 years or so was already semi-retired, and the pandemic pushed her into full retirement. So not only do I have to take an unnecessary (for me) risk, but I also have to find a new person to do it with.

For the first time in about 15 years (that time frame again) I can put my hair in a ponytail. I’m well past the annoying point where it falls in my eyes. It’s now long enough to stay back, so it doesn’t really bother me, though I’ll get it cut short again when it drops below my risk threshold.

My wife really wants to cut it, but not because she dislikes the long hair, but rather because she’d like to play with the trimmer.

And in turnabout, I keep shaving my beard so I can wear an N95 properly.