Ooops! I screwed up my hair.

I almost skipped work today.

No, I wasn’t sick. I’ve escaped flu season unscathed (so far, knock on wood).

What I failed to escape was the electric razor I use for my sideburns. My wife always cuts my hair to save us money, and then I go into the bathroom and shave around my ears (she doesn’t trust herself to do that very well). Unfortunately, I have a bad left eye, so shaving the left ear is a difficult proposition. With one slip of the hand on Sunday, I cut way too high. What to do? I shaved it high on both sides of my head. I mean, you have to even the sideburns out, no matter what.

Now, if I cut a jagged line through the back of my hair, I’d look like Wild Thing from the movie Major League. It’s that bad.

But, here I am, at work. I’ll be hiding at my desk, waiting for the hair follicles to grow.

I so didn’t need to hear that story today. Tomorrow I’m whacking off the taterhair…and it’s a new stylist.


If anybody needs me, I’ll be the one huddled in a fetal position in the corner.

Oh, and before I go huddle, if it’s any consolation I had a wicked crush on Wild Thing back in high schoool, back before I found out Charlie Sheen was a skank.

Just be thankful you have hair to mess up my friend. :slight_smile:

Ah, I did much the same last Saturday.

I was cutting my hair like I always do, when it just started to look really odd. Before I started, my hair was about an inch and a half long, the ends blond, the roots dark brown… when I was done there was just enough blond to add little spots and flecks of pure ugliness. The few people who I let peek at it were either horrified or laughed at the Megan transformed Hedgehog. …I dyed it that night.

Sadly, your problem is not as easy to cure as mine.

I’ll pray for quick Clucky hair growth.

I told you your story would curse me, Clucky! I look like a giant poofball of hair.

I am going into seclusion now. I’ll miss you all. :frowning:

GIF! GIF! GIF! :smiley:

It would take too long to load a pic big enough to show the whole poofball. :frowning:

There is nothing so sad as an Asian girl with an afro.

::picturing Tatertot in a '70s blaxpoitation film kung fu fighting Pam Grier::

I am currently recovering from a serious case of hair styling. I’ve had longish straight blonde hair for so long and it has been getting a little boring so I decided to have it permed to get a little wavy thing going on.

Well, the stylist apparently missed the bottle marked “a hint of waviness” and instead grabbed the bottle marked “concentrated Shirley Temple”.

So that guy walking down the street with tha bag on his head? That would be me. And no, I’m not going to update my picture on the people pages.

Okay, I’ve seen a pic, and I am happy to report that despite any exaggerated reports you may have heard, tater’s new hairstyle is very flattering and bears no resemblance to any kind of puffball or afro. So you can all relax, go back to work, there’s nothing to see here.

[Britney Spears] Oops! I screwed up my hair.
I messed up the pa-a-a-art…[/Britney Spears]

Dammit, Chief, you beat me to it! That’s the first thing I thought of, too.

I love low-maintenance hair. Like when you hardly have any. Cause then you wake up, maybe spray some junk on it, comb it over so it looks like you have a LOT, and yer good to go!

I’m such a chick magnet!
[sup]oooooooo yeah [/sup]