When come back bring Thai

I found the weirdest thing for sale in a gas station this morning: Thai chicken curry. In a pie.

Do you see the genius of this? It’s a Thai chicken curry, but it’s in a pie!

Naturally, I bought it, and am just about to have it for my lunch. Will tell everyone later if it was worth it.

This OP, though true, was constructed as a shameless excuse to make the “when come back…” pun.


Not bad, actually, though it could have been spicier, and perhaps not have had the slightly slimy texture that you find in a lot of chicken & mushroom pies.


Well, I guess it’s the next step up from the ubiquitous Chicken Tikka Masala pie. Which are actually extremely good, if you’re drunk. 'Course, you could say that about a lot of dubious foods.

when come back, bring Chai.

Mmm, Chai. And, MMMMMM THAI! I love Thai food. My favourite place for it is the Chili Club restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. That lucky dcnewsman and I went there for dinner when I squired him about town a year and a half ago, and now he’s going back this weekend and eating there, without me. Wah!

Dave took me to a Thai place on Valentine’s day. It was ok, but not the same. I’m going to make Pad Thai at home this week, and kao mun, and satay beef. Anyone wanna come for dinner?

I’m so there. I made a sort of Thai-ish chicken with broccoli for dinner last night. Lots of that Thai chili paste. It needed Thai basil, but I find it damned near impossible to find around here when the ground is frozen.

Ginger, there used to be a decent Thai place on Charles Street, not far from the Helmand, but across the street, that was pretty decent. No idea the name.

Thai pie? Oh my :slight_smile:

Shib. You’re teasing. You can’t possibly say ‘there’s one around here somewhere’ and then expect me to navigate downtown Bawlmer by myself? Help!

The place we went on Valentine’s Day was called Thai Palace. It was almost Towson, that area. I don’t know the address, though. It was okay, but they didn’t have kao mun (coconut rice) or Swimming Rama. I know Swimming Rama isn’t the name for it anywhere else, but bear with me. It’s a chicken dish, with stir-fried boneless chicken in a creamy but not too thick sauce, with hunan-blow-your-face-off chilies, served over a bed of spinach. Does anyone know what that could possibly be anywhere else? Or is this one of those Calgary dishes that is purported to be Asian, like Ginger Beef?

No lie.

with brie?

Twisty, nice try…

I don’t recall ever encountering spinach in Thailand, so it may not be so authentic, but it sounds good. Here’s a link to Thai Restaurants in Maryland. The one I was probably thinking of was Ban Thai at 340 N. Charles. But I recommend that you try them all. :wink: Actually, on second thought the place I was thinking of should be much farther up, around 1000-1200 Charles, so maybe it’s not there anymore. Oh well, maybe this one is good too.

Oh, and Ginger Beef sounds like the unholy coupling of yours truly with Senor Beef.

We got Thai food last night, but we didn’t feel like doing the restaurant thing, so we ordered it to go. We showed up, and the hostess said our order was ready, but first she needed to know…

On the Thai iced teas with cream, did we want the small or large size?

Now, I’m used to going into this restaurant, ordering Thai iced tea with cream, and having a teensy glass of this insanely delectable drink, loaded down with ice and chock-full of caffeine, brought out to me. I spend the whole meal sipping it slowly, savoring its incredible taste and the immediate head rush. The idea of a ‘large’ size just hadn’t occurred to me.

I paused, and carefully asked, “What size again?”

She patiently explained. “Do you want the twelve-ounce size, or the thirty-two?”

My mind boggled. I pulled myself together, and asked, “How much for the thirty-two?” I envisioned heaps of golden coinage, a king’s ransom, a trillion dollars.

“Three dollars.” She said. Matter of factly. As if it was just something a normal person might say.

“Two large Thai iced teas, please.”

The hostess smiled at me, and went back to the kitchen for our order. She returned with two huge tubs of the most insanely good beverage ever created.

Up until this point, I’d never really understood the hobbit’s line from Lord of the Rings.

“It comes in pints?”

Oh, and the supparod fried rice was good too.

Gingy, my longtime favorite Thai connection is the Cajun Bangkok, in Alexandria. (Thai and Cajun under one roof!) That’s a long way for you guys, I know, but if you’re ever in the neighborhood, their green chicken curry is to die for.

Prefer yellow Thai curry missen, but it’s all tasty IMHO. Thai iced tea… to die for.

Does anywhere over here (England or Ireland) serve som tum? It’s a green papya salad served with cabbage leaves. Very spicey (usually) but very nice.

The pie sounds like a decent quicky lunch anyway. 7/10 isn’t too bad.

There must be something I’m not understanding here. What is the source of this ‘when come back’ thing?

Ask, and ye shall receive.

When come back bring pie (needs sound).


I thankfully have a supply of Thai tea, so I make my own at home… Hot Thai tea, Iced Thai tea, which ever I feel like at the time! :smiley:

Methinks that once I’m in my own place, the only things I’m going to cook will be Thai. There are a few Thai places in Memphis, but to my mind they’re nothing to write home about, and they’re not conviently located. So, I’ll be going bonkers on the Thai stuff as soon as I’m able to.

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