When did Clive Barker become Bob Guccione?

So I was watching the movie Midnight Meat Train* and I discovered it was based on a Clive Barker story. I’ve always been vaguely interested in Barker, so I scanned through the making-of extras.

Now, if you’d asked me before who would play Barker in the movie of his life, there would’ve been only one possible answer: Christian Bale. But suddenly there appeared on the screen before me an apparently steroid-addled, cigar-throated, well, troll, who looks like no one so much as Bob Guccione–the Seventies porn-mogul who did for the gold-chain-draped hairy chest what Farrah Fawcett did for feathered hair.

OK, OK, I know, people age. But how long ago did I see Clive Barker suavely–but suavely–putting Kato Kaelin in his place on Politically Incorrect? At that time there was absolutely no suggestion of his future incarnation as an English-accented Swamp Thing.

Anyone know what the deal is? Is it really just incredibly fast aging? Or has be been in some kind of nuclear-waste accident?
*How can you not watch a movie called Midnight Meat Train?

I don’t know, the man is pushing 60, and I wouldn’t put him much past 40 in that picture. I think he’s ageing pretty well.

Granted, when he WAS 40, he was ageing better, but still…

Clive Barker is 56 - He looks better than many 56 year olds. He does have a bit of a hair dyed - bad teeth - trying too hard to look “fresh” look, but if that’s his thing let him have it.

Funniest post of the year.