When did "cocksucker" become synonymous with "homosexual"?

In this thread I called these fuck-ups that killed this kid “cocksuckers” and got scolded for doing so because cocksucker means homosexual apparently.

Can someone explain this to me please? I am not going to argue about whether or not I should be able to call someone “cocksucker” or not because I have seen more than one poster get lynched off the board by the masses here for trying to fight the gays on this board on what is and is not allowed (no offense intended). I just want to know when homosexuals started calling themselves “cocksuckers” and why all the sudden I can’t use it to fuck with someone anymore?

In the culture of the American male, to be homosexual was seen to be to be an inferior status. It was unmasculaine, submissive, contemptible. So insults like “cocksucker,” “faggot,” and the like were coined by straight men to insult other straight men by comparing them to the despised homosexuals.

Etymology is your friend.

Wow. Guess you learn something new everyday. My ex was known to suck some cock. Ill bet my mom and even my sister has sucked a cock or two in thier day. I better tell them to stop.

So your ex, mom, and sister are males? Must make an interesting family.

The same reason why “limp-wristed” also refers to homosexuality in a derogatory sense: Because the people who first started using it intended for it to.

Stinkpalm, your name seems somehow more appropriate and understandable after that last post.

I don’t think we *really * needed to know about the sexual predilictions of your ex, mum or sister. Not really.

If you’re out to shock people, you’re prolly on the wrong board. Not that the folk here can’t be shocked, or indeed, don’t TRY to shock others, it’s just that the methods employed tend to be a bit more creative and humorous than your feeble attempt.

We have a classier variety of smut around here :smiley: Get with the program mate!

The real question is why did you use “cocksucker” as an insult - given that you say your ex, mama, and sister are all good honest suckers of cock?

Could it be Stinkpalm finds the thought of sucking a cock repulsive? So, he uses the term to imply the subject of the insult is a lesser person (In his eyes) than himself?

Kinda funny, If you dislike someone you can insult them as a cocksucker. Unless they are sucking your cock in which case it is no longer an insult.

If you want to claim etymological accuracy then please provide a cite.


On the one hand, Stinkpalm, it seems painfully obvious that “cocksucker” is meant to be a homosexual insult, describing a male who sucks cock. How much clearer can the phrase possibly be? With “buttfucker” or “ass pirate” or any other derogatory phrase you have some leverage, as the object of the verb is vague. With “cocksucker” it’s obviously a male’s genitals. Or possibily a rooster, if you want to be deliberately obtuse.

That said, in my company if the word “cocksucker” is used, I would venture to guess that most people don’t think “homosexual” as they would with a word like “faggot” or “poof.” It’s like the word “motherfucker.” I don’t know anyone who literally thinks of this word as “one who fucks his mother,” but that’s obviously what it means at its root. So in my circle “cocksucker” might be bandied about with the same weight as “asshole” or “jaggoff” or “motherfucker.” And it’s never applied to anyone effiminate or submissive. In fact, it’s normally used with powerful people, as in “My boss is a goddamned cocksucker.” Replacing “cocksucker” with “faggot” or “homo” or whatever doesn’t keep the meaning. So there may be something in Stinky’s observation.

Just something to chew on… (And of course, your groups of friends may use the word differently. This is just from my experience.)

You’re telling me that “buttfucker” and “ass pirate” are less homosexual slams than “cocksucker”? I KNOW those two are homosexual slams, cocksucker on the other hand I have never heard used to describe a homosexual.

No, no, man, I’m agreeing with you.

Just look at the words literally. Literally, “cocksucker,” when said to a man, means “male who performs fellatio.” With “buttfucker” it simply means “male who engages in penetrative anal sex.” From the word itself, it does not necessarily state sexual preference. Same with “ass pirate.”

Now, of course, “ass pirate” and “buttfucker” are generally used as homosexual slams, but I have also heard them in a heterosexual context. The word itself is not specific.

Where I agree with you is that although “cocksucker” should be an obviously homosexual word, it is not used as such with the people that I know. The other two words are weighted with more homosexual connotations than the more obvious “cocksucker.”

Is this stated any better?

Just to make an obvious nitpick, gobear, I sincerely doubt that words like faggot and cocksucker are AMERICAN inventions. I’m fairly sure they have British roots, and homosexual-references-as-insults in our language probably goes back to Germanic tongues. Disdain for homosexuals isn’t an American thing.

That said, I can see both sides here. “Cocksucker” is clearly rooted in a reference to homosexuality, but pulykamell is right; the word in common usage does not mean “One who sucks cocks,” so much as it means “An extremely disagreeable or bad person.” If I call someone an “Asshole,” I am not literally saying “You are the orifice in a person’s posterior that leads to the digestive system.” I’m saying “I dislike you because you are a disagreeable, mean person.”

On the other hand… imagine if you called a white person a “Stupid nigger,” and upon being challenged said “Well, I don’t literally mean he’s a black person, I just mean he’s lazy and likes smoking crack.” And then upon being challenged on THAT you said “No, I don’t mean to put down black people. I’m just using the word in a different sense.” I think everyone would agree it’s still offensive as hell, right?

I told myself I wans’t gonna let myself go down on this sinking ship like I have seen so many others do in the past but…

When I tell someone to “suck my dick” is that a slander against homosexuals too? How do I get away with calling a girl a “bitch” knowing full well that its meaning is"female dog"?

Isn’t there such a thing as intent when you read what someone had typed or hear what they say? Its pretty obvious that I wasn’t saying anything about homosexuals in that thread, to anyone with a brain that is.

This is just nitpicking. Starting a fight when there is no fight to be fought. Rest assured I will not call someone a cocksucker again on this sensitive board, so in that respect, mission accomplished. But jesus christ, don’t you people ever pick your fights? Or do you point out to every guy that bumps into you that he bumped into you?

Arrrrggghhh, avast ye swab. We do be the ass pirates and we do be here to collect our booty. Arrrrrrrrrgggggg!

No, it’s not “slander,” though I doubt you know what the word means anyway. You are, however, equating homosexuality with an insult, which is pretty well moronic.

With any luck, you don’t get away with it at all. But goodness knows, assholes like you often get away with quite a lot of juvenalia. Now run along and play on the freeway like a good little boy.

Harrumph, like my word as an eidtor isn’t good enough? fine, here’s your cite

From Merriam-Webster:

Unfortunately, I’m at work, and I don’t wish to risk the consequences of a Google search results turning up on the network hard drive. The 1891 date, being so comparatively recent, argues for an American origin of the term, rather than a British one.

While **rickJay is correct in noting that disdain for homosexuals and the coining of insulting terms is not limited to America is correct, he fails to note that American English has generated a whole vocabulary of scatological insults that are uniquely ours.

Brits have their own terms that haven’t quite made it to our shores: words like “shirtlifter,” for example.

I actually only just read the thread in the OP, and I really do get the feeling there was a bit of a mountain being made of a molehill. It seems clear to me that Stinkpalm meant nothing derogatory against homosexuals with the use of the word. He was just venting his vitriol against the perps in the CNN article. I use the phrase “suck my dick” to vent displeasure with homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. Of course, this can lead to amusing situations occassionally, but this phrase is used as a knee-jerk reaction like “fuck you.” I doubt anyone thinks about it literally. (Besides, there was that skit, who was it Carlin, that “fuck you” should be “unfuck you” if you want to take it literally.)

I dunno, minty. Of course if I know the word offends you, I won’t use it around you. Just like I (usually) don’t swear in front of my mother or children. For me, there is a clear semantic distinction between calling someone a “faggot” and calling someone a “cocksucker.” YMMV.

Bear in mind that the typos in my previous post indicate that I only edit other people’s work, but not my own. Or, in other words, d’oh!

I agree with Stinkpalm here. I didn’t see any intent to insult homosexuals with his rant in that thread. At worst, he seems to have been ignorant as to the way his choice of words would be taken by the gay community on this board. He was called on it and realized his mistake. I don’t see why he needs to be dragged over the coals at this point. This board is dedicated to fighting ingorance…mission accomplished.