When did Tony Curtis turn into Tor Johnson

Im watching Graham Norton on BBC America, and holy crap.

Is Tony sick with something?

Heh…supervenusfreak was watching the show last night and said he looked like Otto Preminger

Apparently the problem is just age and too much bad plastic surgery. I think he even mentioned that he’d had his forehead botoxed just for the show. His daughter is actually aging much more gracefully than he ever did.

Incidentally, for those who don’t have BBCAmerica or didn’t see the Graham Norton Show, we’re talking about this

Jabba the Hut lives! Gah.

Hmm. Last time I saw him he was still doing the way over the top toupees. Guess he gave it up. (Trivia about Tony: the twins who played youngest son Adam on Bewitched claim to be his illegitimate sons who were given up for adoption; they certainly look like him.)

It’s kind of shocking if you haven’t seen him in a while. Especially since he’s definitely one of those actors who belong in the “Wow! They were hot once!” thread…

C’mon, he’s 82 years old. It’s called aging, if you’re lucky it might just happen to you.

No wonder people feel the need to get so much plastic surgery, if they’re over a certain age and have the gall to appear in public, somebody inevitably goes online and makes comments.

I will always love him in Some Like It Hot. I prefer to remember him that way…


Well, the funny ‘age spot’ mottling [like giant freckles] seem to be endemic to actors of his vintage. I once heard someone say it was a result of both too much tanning, and the makeup they used crapping out the skin. I also see the tip of his nose looks like it had a bit of work and suffered a bit f collapse like Michael Jackson, he has old age saggy jowels and around the eyes. I would be willing to bet that if we had a makeup artist work on him with some of that high covering stuff that people with port wine stains and scars he would look phenomenally better.


I watched that show and didn’t recognize him till he spoke . . . I thought he was Kevin Bacon’s manager or something. I think Tony Curtis must be on some heavy steroids or something, like Jerry Lewis was a few years ago for whatever illness he had. Very sad.

I think that this is the second funniest line I’ve ever read on the Dope.

Also, I thought that the picture was one of Rod Steiger.

It is sad, he used to be prettier than a girl.

But not very pretty as a girl.

He was way hotter than Jack Lemmon.

And is way gayer.

Huh. Now he is the castle of his fadda, the king.

Marie Dressler was way hotter than Jack Lemmon.

Are you saying he eats more snails than oysters?