'WHEN' Do Charter Members Have To Renew?

It sometimes just passes me by, it seems.

When (emphasis on “when”–i.e., month, day, etc.) do Charter Members have to renew?

I think I will place the date in my calendar. That is what I do with most things on the internet, I am subscribed to.

I know it is not “now”. But never too early to ask;).


Charter memberships expire in May.

If you are worried about it, go ahead and renew now. There’s no down side to renewing early. It adds a year based on your expiration date, not the current date. In other words, if you renew now your new expiration date will be May of 2015 even if you are renewing now in January.

You can see by following this link (User CP to Paid Subscriptions). My expiry date says 5/22/15 so I must’ve paid for 2 years last year.

A lot of Charter Memberships expire in May – because we started Charter Memberships during a common period that closed out in the spring – but due to one thing and another, now people have subscriptions that run at various times.

It’s different for everyone, so you need to look at your User Control Panel and see your own personal subscription expiration date.

Please remember that you can resubscribe at any time – it just adds time to your existing subscription. You lose nothing by resubscribing before your subscription expires.