When do I renew my subscription?

I’m afraid I’ll log on one day only to find I had let my subscription lapse.

Is that time near?

If you go to User CP and then click on Paid Subscriptions, it will tell you when your subscription expires. Most of us that signed up when the board first went to subscriptions are due around April 20th or so.

Mine expired April 29th, so I renewed it yesterday. Better safe than sorry.

You can pay whenever you want: It’ll extend your subscription one year past the previous expiration date, not one year from the time you pay. Some folks paid for their first n years, immediately when we went pay.

We may not be able to do that now. I just re-upped for the next year and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to pay for multiple years any more - it had the 7.49 filled in already. And the link to renew doesn’t work if your expiration is more than 12 months away (as mine now is).

It was that way for me last April, as it is again now that I’ve renewed for another year.

I believe you can pay for up to two years – but you can only do it one year at a time.

If you want true security you can wait until you’re under 365 days of coverage and then add another year.

And of course you can always check your subscription status from the User Control panel (as well as extend your subscription from there).

If you click the renew subscription button it tells you when your subscription ends.

But you can resubscribe now and a year will be added to your subscription deadline and you do not lose any time.

If your sub ends on April 30, 2006,
and if you resubscribe on April 5, 2006,
your new sub will end on April 30, 2007.
Your new sub would not end on April 5, 2007. :smiley:

Correct (except the dates should probably be 2007/2008). I would like to add that if you are a Charter Member and you would like to retain your Charter Member status, you must renew on or before your renewal date.

In the example above, if you are a Charter Member and you renew on or after May 1st, you will lose your Charter Member status. You can still renew at any time after the renewal date, but your status will permanently change to Member and you will lose your yearly discount.

So, if you are a Charter Member, please renew on or before your renewal date. It is not within Moderator control to restore your Charter Member status.

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Why don’t you just wait until you get a notice you haven’t paid, and a link to pay right then? Doesn’t take more than a few seconds these days to pay a bill on line.
Then bam, you’re back in business.

Well . . . we will send you a notice IF you’re a Charter subscriber . . . but not everyone gets all their email . . . and not everyone reads the email they get . . . and then if you’re not careful Bad Things Happen.

See what Ed Zotti has to say about it here and here.

As a charter member I lapsed because I got really busy at work and didn’t check the boards for a few months. I use Outlook but any electronic calendar will work, and set an appointment for 1 month prior to expiration to remind myself every year.

I probably have fewest messages posted for any charter member and am trying to make up for that lately. :smack:

[thread=415261]Ed’s latest post[/thread] says there is now a grace period.

Thanks for the correction. I stand overruled.

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