When do you take out your summer clothing?

It’ll be in the 70’s here this week, so I’m thinking it is time to unearth my summer clothing, at least to wash it and have it ready to go. I’m in CA so chances are we won’t see many more cold days.

But back east it can snow right through the end of April or even first week in May (as it did the year I graduated from college). And then be in the 80s a week or two later.

So, for those of you that rotate your wardrobes seasonally, when do you take the plunge and have faith good weather is here to stay? When do you commit and bring out the shorts and Tees and sundresses for the summer?

I like this thread it makes me think of spring. I take mine out as soon as it hits the 60’s. I use rubbermaid bins so as I hang up my summer stuff I put some winter things in the bin. Then whatever is out of fashion or I’m tired of goes in a box for the clothes closet at church. I love the bins and how easy it makes it. I usually keep the bins out until all danger of frost has passed and away they go.

I rotate the closet sometime during the second or third week running that I have shut the heat off for the season.

missred in middle Tennessee

For me it depends. I’ll just use my winter clothes until I get hot consistently for a while, then I change and never look back til the winter copmes along again. So when I’ll start noticing I’m taking of my sweater all the time (at least for a week), I’ll probably change; but that won’t be happening for some time I’m afraid.

Aside from a coat, people have different clothes for different seasons?

When it’s warm, I take my coat off. :slight_smile:

All my clothes live in the same wardrobe, I just take out what I want to wear that day. I didn’t realise there were people who had seasonal wardrobes, they obviously have too many clothes!

You obviously live in the tropics. I live in a place with four solid seasons. From tank tops to down coats.

Too many clothes, is there such a thing? :dubious:

If you’re in CA, why do you have summer clothes? When I lived in CA, I wore the same things year round, except I wouldn’t wear shorts or sandals if it was raining. Now I have summer clothes because I live in the Midwest. I break them out as soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees. I break out the short sleeves the first day the temperature is above freezing.

The great thing about living where I do is that I only need one wardrobe here. (The problem is when I go to the US and forget how variable the weather can be and miscalculate by packing too few short-sleeve shirts or a coat that isn’t warm enough.)

Try living in a country where the temperature can go as low as below freezing in winter and as high as 30 degrees Celsius in summer. There isn’t one set of clothing that could possibly cope with that kind of temperature variation.

Or small closets. This is why I would change around my clothes - I didn’t have enough closet space to have everything out at once so I would rotate them. Now I have a huge closet, well 4 closets all to myself (I moved to my own place this weekend) and so now it’s not a big deal.
As for the OP:

Here in North Carolina, I found that I would keep my short-sleeves out all the time, bring out my long sleeves from November - March and by the first week of May I would pull out my sleeveless shirts and summery clothes.

I could wear them earlier, I just can’t quite bring myself to do that in April.

My clothes are the same year-round. I wear shortsleeve t-shirts under longsleeve shirts in the winter. I only have a few pairs of shorts and they stay in my dresser all year.

You musta lived in San Diego. I’m in the SF bay area.

In January it rained every day and didn’t get above 60, and got down to 30 or 35 at night.

In July it’ll be 105 and not get below 60.

This calls for different types of clothing. :smiley:

June or whenever it stops snowing long enough for me to feel cautiously optimistic. BooFae, where I live, there’s a 60C degree range in temperature, from -25 in winter through up to 40C on particularly bad summer days. You need parka/sweaters/thermal everything for winter through spring, and really lightweight summer stuff for when it’s so hot you want to die.

Lived in Los Angeles mainly, but did time in Palo Alto. Wore the same clothes all year, and on some days, added a sweater to the mix.

On cold days I add a jacket to my wardobe. Otherwise, it’s the same clothes year round. Temps range from teens-90’s where I live.

Too many clothes because I put away my sweaters & heavy jeans for the summer, when it will be 90 degrees F & about 100% humidity? Should I keep out my sundresses for the winter when it’s 15, too?

My spring/summer stuff comes out as soon as it’s warm enough - I keep it all in the same closet, I just keep the off-season stuff in big square plastic storage bags, so they don’t get dusty or wrinkled when I’m not using them. So, for a few weeks (depending on how long it takes to warm up), my closet is a hodgepodge of stuff that’s too heavy, but might be necessary in a few days, and stuff that’s too light some days and perfect others.

I live in California, I never put it away.

Well, I went the “too many clothes” route, too, because the only person I know who does this is my sister. And that’s because she has so many clothes she can fill up her walk-in closet completely with summer clothes, and then again for winter clothes.

I have about 3 - 8 tops I wear per season, and two pair of jeans I wear. That’s it. It’s not a lot of clothes. My stuff doesn’t get dusty or wrinkly when I’m not wearing them. I have so few clothes that I assume that people who need to bring out their <season> clothes must have a lot of them, so much that they have to store them to open up room for the current season’s clothes.

I love clothes and I live in Michigan and I don’t ever put seasons of clothes away. But I have a closet and two dressers (closet for any hanging up stuff, dressers for undies/socks/bras and then the leftover spaces are divided; one dresser for winter things and one dresser for summer things).