I get a whole new wardrobe, twice a year!

I just brought in some 25 or 30 wool sweaters that have been airing on the line after their summer sealed in mothballs, which is one step in the multi-part process of putting the summer wardrobe away and getting the winter wardrobe out. My house was built in the '20s, so I’ve got very limited closet space, and even with two bureaus and two (tiny) closets in my bedroom, I only have enough room to have about half of my wardrobe “out” at a time.

Honest to god, it’s like getting a completely new wardrobe every six months. Just when I am completely sick to death of everything I own, it all gets cleaned and put away, and a whole new batch of stuff comes out. Even the stuff I wear year-round (the knee-length black denim skirt) looks completely different depending on what I wear it with: a “Hawaiian” print shirt and sandals in the summer, a purple turtleneck, fuchsia sweater, and black tights in the winter.

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, I love sweaters. Imelda and shoes? She was an amateur. I have the following in off-white sweaters alone:

Cotton, crew neck pullover, fisherman’s knit, medium weight
Cotton, turtleneck pullover, fisherman’s knit, heavy weight
Cotton, cardigan, fisherman’s knit, light-to-medium weight
Cotton, cardigan with collar, basketweave knit, medium weight
Wool, cardigan, crocheted, very light-weight
Wool, cardigan, fisherman’s knit, very heavy
Wool, crew-neck pullover, very heavy

Plus a tan henley cotton pullover, a taupe wool fisherman’s knit pullover, and a white lightweight cotton pullover with a geometric design knit in, which also go on that shelf.

Corderoy and flannel dresses, velveteen and denim jumpers, wool skirts … it’s all good.

And I’m not sick of any of it.