When Harry Met Sally 2

Billy Crystal’s still got it!


Brilliant. Effing brilliant.

I’d watch it.

I’d watch the Grampires one…not interested in the Grombies. :smiley:

Love it.

That’s made my day. Thanks for sharing.

De nada. I actually think I’d watch that movie if they made it. The first one, I mean. Grombies might be interesting, but only if Shaun is around.

Wax On, Fuck Off with Ralph Macchio.

Oh dear, yes! Grampires as is and Grombies of the Dead (I think she fancies you!)

Fantastic. I did not see that coming.

Funny stuff, and I definitely didn’t see it coming.

Or else I would’ve shooed The Littlest Briston away from my desk. Man, that was a lot of screaming.

I did, more or less.

When Harry et Sally, and other cannibal movies.

“Baaaah! Coumadin!”

Funny’or’Die gets some really impressive talent.

Somehow hadn’t noticed theSheen vid.