When is "Its always SUnny in Philadelphia returning?

I discovered the show last year and fortunately caught most of the second season and the first season reruns. But I have no idea when its coming back so that I can set my DVR to grab it.

Does anyone know?

it aired over the summer this year so the next season is going to run this coming summer.


Great show

I’ll never forgive it for being responsible for the cancellation of the hugely superior Starved.

Oh! YOU’RE the person who watched Starved. Sorry about that.


Wow, it runs in the summer then not again until the next summer? Bummer.

I’d be happy to watch reruns as I only ended up seeing three episodes, but loved it. I just can commit to being in front of the T.V. for a particular timeslot and I’m usually out at night (also I can never remember what channel FX is!). I’m the perfect candidate for TiVo. I really need to get it.

Someone told me it aired on another network, got cancelled, then got picked up by FX. I didn’t see it at all until FX. Does FX get to air the epidsodes produced by the other network?

It is/was an “FX original”. But big brother Fox reaired a few first season episodes at some point…I think it was shortly before the 2nd season aired last summer.

I watched Starved too. Woulda done better on HBO.

I loved them both equally. I was as surprised when they axed Starved as I was when they axed Lucky.