When it rains sick cats, it pours

First it was Halley getting feline eosinophilia.

Then Orson was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Then last week Ichabod was diagnosed with hyperthyroid.

Then yesterday Dickens was diagnosed with probable pneumonia.

He’s not a cat, but add to that my husband’s recent hospitalization with cellulitis and I’m beginning to feel a bit doooomed.

Obviously, hubby is part feline.

Sorry to hear about your spat of illness in your house, hon. Here’s to hoping it gets better soon.

Obviously your husband was a cat in a previous life, possibly one worshipped by the Egyptians.

Anyways I hope all cats and ex-cat people recover

Well, they’d better all start getting well.

Your husband’s not refusing to use the litterbox, or gacking up hairballs, is he?

Well, who can say what he gets into when I’m at work? The mind reels. :smiley:

You should know you’re in trouble if he bites you for no reason or if he licks the back of his hand and rubs it across his forhead repeatedly.
I say you should smack him across the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

I hope everyone gets better soon!

But after that, rolled up newspaper?

Your Vet isn’t going through a divorce by any chance?

You sure that your vet isn’t in cahoots with your neighbor, jsgoddess?

If he is, I’ll sic one of the healthy ones on 'em. Albert can stupid them to death. :smiley:

How? You going to bash the neighbors over the dome by beating them with a cat?

Only if they aren’t quelled into submission by the Gaze of Stupidity.

I feel your pain, jsgoddess, I lost all three of my cats last year. Hope your’s rally.

[I replaced mine with Chia Pets. I recommend 'em. When my dog starts looking under the weather, I point them out and she knocks it right off.]

Buh. Durrrrrrrr. Darrrrrrrrrrr.

Wait, what? Can you bottle that and use it against our enemies?

You mean, this enemy…? :smiley:

I’m not trying to be a smart arse, but to whose stupidity are you referring? As I am a cat herder owned by four frisky, furious and fur ball endowed felines, I really need to know. Just turn away, it’s like looking at the sun. It won’t work out well for anybody involved.

Yes…that’s “them”…

Sorry about all the illnesses in your family, jsgoddess.

It’s still pouring.

Orson seems to have decided to stop eating.

Dickens’s pneumonia is apparently something else. She has to have a procedure done on Tuesday that I don’t know a dollar figure for but I’m flinching just thinking about it–a tracheal washing.

Anyone need to buy a spare kidney?