When Karma Attacks!

So I was sitting around at school, having finished taking a final, and someone walked in and said hi to me who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. We had had a, well, relationship that alternated rapidly between bf/gf and friends-with-benefits, and I kind of hurt her a couple of times through some of my juvenile silliness. She looked good then, but she walked in today and she was now FREAKING GORGEOUS! and…


But she says she’s not ruling anything out just in case she finds a great new guy.

I think you’ve got an in.

Turn on the charm. Be great to her. Do all the things she used to like about you and more. You’ll have to do some penance but you’re SO in.


I have to agree, that sounded like a door opening up for sure. She’s not Latvian by any chance is she? I hear Latvian lesbian chicks will sometimes, in the company of another lesbian, entertain young men. I think I read that somewhere…

I was sort of jokingly suggestive a little bit today and I was pretty roundly shot down. We’ll see, though.

If she’s Latvian, you should ask her to go on a trip with you this weekend to the beach. Get a king size bed. She may bring a friend. :wink:

What on Earth are you guys talking about?

I think it’s well-documented on many Internet sites. And it applies to all young ladies of former-Eastern-Bloc countries.

If this is true at all, I suspect the emphasis is definitely on “sometimes”.

Hmmm, that would seem to argue the “nurture” side of the homosexuality debate. Obviously, she was not gay while in her fetus stage.


I tend to believe the “nature” side, and that people just kind of “discover” their homosexuality/bisexuality/heterosexuality at the right time. She always considered herself bisexual, she just now considers herself lesbian…with a possible exception for a great “new” guy. Basically the same thing except more disheartening.

Sorry to raise this zombie from the grave, but I have an update…

Well, she just stopped by for a couple of minutes cause she was in the area, and I guess she’s COMPLETELY disinterested. She spent half of the time talking about the girls she’d met recently, and if I tried to subtly come on in any way she completely shot me down. Yeah…That sucked. Lots of “Ha, you wish!” and other such interjections, and made it a big point to make really clear that she wasn’t going to stay over.