When you realize you have it made

I went to the fridge to refresh my drink, and grabbed some ice. I saw that there was something on one of the ice cubes and tried to grab it but no luck… it somehow slipped away. I just tossed out the entire glass of ice and replaced it with new ice.

Life is good when you are living on easy street.

I guess I should explain… I chased that damn “tainted” ice cube around for a good minute before I realized I could afford to replace all of the ice.

That wasn’t the part that needs explanation.

So you have a glass full of ice cubes in your freezer that you threw away and replaced with what? Ice from the dispenser?

Or did you throw out your whole drink including the ice and went to pour a new one as well?

Or did your “drink” consist of only ice cubes slowly melting down?

I knew I had it made when I realized that for 99.99% of human existence, people had to rely on their own memory to remember how cute their kids looked as babies, but I have literally hundreds (thousands?) of photographs from my kids’ birth through 12/19/2018. I can stare at my son’s face from 9 years ago as if it were today. I can look at my own face, my mother’s and father’s face, from 1975. That seems like no big deal now, but for the billions upon billions of humans born before the advent of the camera, this would be mind-blowing. I live in a beautiful time.

When I went to the storage barn to get Xmas wrapping paper, I realized if I buy a lot of presents for the rest of my life I’ll never need to buy wrapping paper ever again. I have an embarrassment of excess.

Too funny. I buy my ice in bags because I use at least one tray every night (I have a 30oz tumbler) and 2-3 on the weekends. A $4 bag lasts about a week. Anyway, I bought a new bag of ice to replace the one I bought the other day, because I forgot to put away the other day’s bag right away and the cubes had frozen together.

Yep, $4 bags of ice! YES, living the high life! :smiley:

What the hell, k k f.

Scene: a kitchen.
Action: The O.P. put more ice into his nearly-empty cup and, just before pouring the actual beverage over it, saw a crumb/fly/pube on one of the cubes.

A merry but futile chase 'round his cup ensued, until the O.P. remembered that he has reached enough financial stability to buy another bag of ice entirely, and dumped the entire cup of ice rather than pursue the CrumbFlyPube any longer.

This felt decadent to our O.P. who - I presume - had to be far more conscientious about waste in the recent past, and would have been urged by thrift to consume the crumb/fly/pube tainted beverage regardless of perceived ickiness.

When my icemaker in my overpriced newish fridge decides it will work, it always overflows. So I guess I’m rich with ice some days and destitute on others.

We live in a time of wonder and plenty, and I think about it every day. Here’s a quote from an earlier post of mine.

*A few months ago, the missus and I were having a friendly squabble over the temperature. I was sitting in my leather recliner, enjoying the multi-zone central air conditioning as an amazing scifi show played on the flat screen TV. At the same time I was keeping an eye on big steaks outside the window (on the grill). Then later I pressed the buttons to retract the room slides on the RV and we moved to a different park. I camp better than most of humanity has ever lived.

On the back deck of my home, I have a personal “hot spring” that keeps clean water hot and bubbling 24/7 for me to hop in anytime I feel the urge. I have a small rectangular device in my pocket which can bring up the combined knowledge of the human race, or summon a hot pizza to my door. When enjoying a day of sunshine and water with the family, the mere touch of a few switches starts the rumble of hundreds and hundreds of horses beneath the deck. If I desire, I can crack a whip over them and command them to hurtle us across the water at dizzying speed – just because we’re getting too warm. Seriously, I can order up the wind if that’s my whim.

To the people of the past, we live in a time of magic. And routinely do things that kings of the past couldn’t even imagine. IMO, I live in the greatest State, of the greatest Country, in the greatest era in which humans have ever existed.*

“When you realize you have it made”----you’d best be paying a whole lot more attention.

That’s my experience, at least.

Ok, I’m super confused. Ice costs money?

Electricity to freeze water costs money. Water costs money. So, yeah, ice costs money.

I have this device in my car that will open my garage door in ANY weather! It could be raining flaming lava and I still won’t have to walk ten feet to open the door! How on earth did people survive without this miracle science has blessed us with!?
I’ve really got it made!!

Damn straight… and I realized I’ve come to a point in my life when I can just throw a full glass away and replace it without even considering the cost.

Life is good on the top.

OK… I’ll go slower for you :slight_smile:

I had a drink in a glass… I drank it and decided I wanted more.

Many years ago I would not bend over to pick up a penny. Not worth the effort. Then I added nickels to the meh list. A few weeks ago I saw a shiny new dime on the ground while walking through a parking lot. It was raining and my hands were full. Screw it, I’m getting wet, I hustled off to my truck to get out of the rain. I have no regrets. Yep, life is good.

Good for you. I, on the other hand, still hear my mother’s voice admonishing me to only take 3 cubes and not waste it! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

I try to regularly remind myself of just how good I have it. I live in a dark, woodsy area. When I pull up after work and it’s dark, I have a fob in my car to turn on all the outdoor security lights. And just in that one sentence are luxuries that millions of people never know: car, job, home, security…

We have it good, indeed.

As I mailed a birthday card to an elderly relative earlier this month, I thought how amazing it is that I could take this card to the post office and essentially say “I’ll give you 50 cents to carry this across the country for me and give it to my Aunt Mary” and not receive “piss off” as a reply.

I know! And people complain endlessly about the price of a stamp. Seriously, you’re paying someone 50 cents to take something 100’s or 1000’s of miles away for you!