When You Urinate Do You Wipe?

After you urinate do you wipe with a tissue or something else?

I shake it like a windshield wiper blade.

Frankly, I’ve never known a male who does wipe after peeing. But maybe that’s odd?

Females, OTOH, have, well, different equipment. We tend to wipe, AFAIK.

I try. I really, really try. When other Dopers tell me I need to give the Hogg references a rest, I honestly try to heed their advice. But when I see threads like this, the temptation is practically unbearable. Nevertheless, I’ll be a good boy and hold my tongue. But I’ll say, it’s very hard. Very, very hard.

Damn it-no.
Will you at least try to think about what you post before you post it?

Closing thread.