When you want to eat pizza, how do you get it?

Poll coming.

Me, I either make the frozen kind or have it delivered from a pizza place.

No delivery out where I live, so if I have pizza I usually pick it up on the way home from work.

I make it. Dough is easy (although you have to plan ahead a bit) and we can customize the cheese and toppings to our specs. Add a pizza stone to the oven and we’re gtg. Now that summer is here, I can do pizza on the grill as well.

Spinach, garlic, fresh tomato slices, onion, and goat cheese.

Now I’m hungry.

No place delivers out here. I have to drive to a pizza place

I’ll do frozen sometimes, but I don’t keep it in the house much.

You don’t have an option for “I don’t like pizza.” I’ll eat it if there’s nothing else. I’ll make it (from scratch, on the grill) if my husband asks me and I have all the stuff at hand. But I very rarely seek it out for myself.

True, sorry…although I guess I figured if someone didn’t like pizza, they wouldn’t have opened to thread to answer, haha. :slight_smile:

Generally we order a pizza for delivery or pick up. I live in Chicago so there are plenty of options out there and yet Pizza Hut is often a default choice for us.

We do make pizza at times. Trader Joes has a really good pizza crust and we have a stone. Using the stone in the oven or the grill makes some very good 'zza.

Costco also makes a decent pizza and we’ve gotten fresh-made ones from the local Jewel, but those aren’t as good. We typically steer clear of the frozen pizzas.

This should have been a multiple choice poll. We generally get it from a pizza restaurant (one of several, depending on our mood), but we do sometimes get storebought frozen pizzas and also sometimes make it from scratch at home.

Some of all the first three, plus…
I like to get several of the cheap medium pepperoni pies from the Little Caesar’s across the street, package it up in plastic bags with three or four slices per bag, and throw them in the freezer. So if I want pizza, I don’t even have to go across the street, just grab a bag.

I’m down to my last three-pack at the moment, though.

I picked the first option, but I avoid chain pizza places. I always order from local Italian places (most of which also have extensive non-pizza menus).

If a restaurant serves pizza, how can it be a “non-pizza place”?

There are about 5 non chain pizza places within walking distance from my house, all of which (but one :mad:) make really good pizza. Since moving to this area doing anything else just doesn’t make sense.

I do have an unnatural love for Stoffer’s French Bread pizza, though.

Mostly carry-out, but I make my own from time to time.

There are restaurants that are primarily pizza places. Then there are restaurants that have a more varied menu where pizza is not the dish that most people are there for.

I would have separated delivery from a pizza place and sit down and eat at the pizza place myself if I was making the poll, but no matter.

I generally get pizza delivered because I am not in the mood to cook that night. I rarely go to a pizza place more often I will get pizza and a non-pizza place. I have also been known to make pizza from scratch when the mood strikes.

I live alone, so it’s not worth paying for delivery and tip. I always have one or two frozen personal-size pizzas in the freezer.

I certainly don’t make it from scratch. To my eyes, the whole purpose of pizza is for those times when you come down and plop in the chair and don’t feel like actually making anything for supper.

I hardly ever get delivery pizza, but I often get pizza at places that sell an awful lot of pizza, but also have other things on the menu – Bertucci’s, California Pizza Kitchen, several local places. Which are these?

I get it from a real pizza place.

The iron rule of pizza restaurants is that the quality of the pizza is inversely proportional to the number of restaurants in the chain.

Seconded. I chose the first option, but none of the places you listed have decent pizza, IMHO.

sometimes frozen unaltered, sometimes frozen altered, sometimes make on frozen crust with whatever on top, sometimes make dough.