When's the last time you cried?

For me, it was two days ago, while watching the movie Riding in Cars With Boys. I am a complete movie-sap, and so I cried for the last half-hour or so.

And yourself?

Sept. 17, when I was giving the eulogy for my grandmother at a memorial service we had.

When I found out my friend who normally works in the Pentagon wasn’t there 9/11. The stress got to me, and the relief was so great that I lost it.

Other than that? It’s been a while. I don’t cry often.

Two days after 9/11, when the DJ at the radio station I listen to said “Damn the playlist” and ran Whitney Houston’s recording of the national anthem. I was on lunch break in my car and just broke down right there.

I’m tearing up thinking about it now…it was the first time since the attacks that I really felt the magnitude of what had happened. That impact hits me again every time I remember.


when I watched this:


Some time last night.

That link is, to say the least, extremely poignant. made me teary…

Well, I teared up the last time I watched Field of Dreams for the umpteenth time. But my last real cry was a few weeks ago when I went home to my parents’ home for a five days and left Mr. Cranky & Cranky Jr behind. When they dropped me off at the airport, I just put my face into Cranky Jr’s hair and smelled his scent as he sat there happily looking at airplanes from his carseat. And then I bawled all the way through the terminal.

I’m crying now just remembering what that was like, trying to get enough of him into my head and brain and nose and eyes to last me for the whole trip.

Good god, I can’t watch all of that site tonight. I’ve bookmarked it though. Gee whiz. Thanks for the link.

And pardon the hijack, but I want to say that even though I am a pacifist I pray for the death of people like Osama bin Laden who spread the mental illness of hate like he does. I am not saying I want someone to kill him–I just want Allah or God or karma or someone/thing to strike him dead, him and anyone else, anywhere on earth, that preaches that sort of hatred for fellow man. It can be a painless death, just get them off my planet. Forever.

An hour ago.

Last night.

Just a few minutes ago - I was cutting an onion

If you must know, it was last weekend when Airman took me back to the airport. I carried on like someone had died.


At my younger brother’s wedding reception, Oct 27, during the best man’s speech (by my older brother).

About 2 hours ago… I took my kids to see Monsters Inc. GREAT movie… wont spoil it… but it was only briefly an ** awwwwww** moment the rest was great fun

Just now, after seeing this. I just wish some of the SDMB apologists would see this.

Yesterday, walking home from work. I feel like I am wearing a mask most of the time, to get through the day and be around people, but when I am alone, I can take the mask off and cry. I cry a lot, almost every day. But, FTR, I haven’t cried at a movie since I was four, and I have never cried from reading a novel (non-fiction is something entirely different). The news makes me cry.

June 9th, about 1:30pm. While attempting to comfort my 14-year-old daughter at the end of my father’s graveside service.

I cried for three days straight sitting in front of the TV watching the WTC going down over and over, and the Pentagon being attacked, and the aftermath, with all those families looking for their loved ones, hoping against hope that they had somehow survived. I cry every time I hear America the Beautiful, like tonight on the Emmy’s. Every morning I feel like I’m waking up to an alien world, one forever changed, and I carry around this underlying sadness that makes me cry at any reminder that my country, and it’s military, are in extreme danger. I expect to adapt, as many people all over the world have who live with violence and death right in their own front yards. But I hate it.

October 25 of this year.

I think.