Where are they now?

I was going through my MP3 files today and I started to wonder whatever happened to a few of my favorite artists from the early 90’s. Now I know I could do a search on Google and have a good chance of answering this question for myself, but I thought I throw a few out to my fellow Dopers.

Whatever happened to:

Evan Dando from the Lemonheads …I heard he was working on a solo album a few years back, but never heard anything else.

Dave Pyrner from Soul Asylum …Is he or the band still making music? Seems odd such a good band would fall off the face of the earth.

Chris Novoselic from Nirvana …We know what happened to Kurt and Dave…but has Chris done of his own projects?

That’s just a few I’ve been thinking of…feel free to add anymore to the inquirey if anyone has similar questions.

Would love to hear if anyone has seen any of these artists live since they have fallen into obscurity and if they have any new music out. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about any of those guys, but I was watching Head of the Class on Nick At Nite the other night (Well, okay, morning. It isn’t on until 4am.) and I found myself wondering, whatever happened to Khrystyne Haje? I used to have the biggest crush on her . . .

She’s been working. But I know I haven’t seen any of it.


Still pretty hot.

Well, According to her page on the IMDB, she’s still working. And in the photo gallery, she’s still pretty cute. The second picture from the Swordfish premiere was interesting…

Krist Novaselic from Nirvana is in a band now called Eyes Adrift (I think, but I think they started out with a different name) with the drummer from Sublime (Bud Gaugh) and one of the dudes from the Meat Puppets.

Dave Pirner released a solo album, Faces & Names, last year. I haven’t heard it, but Amazon of course has details and I’ve seen lots of copies of it at my local Best Buy. So it’s out there.

The Return of Evan Dando

Now this I’m excited for. Thanks for the link.

Hmmm…just the other day I was wondering what ever happened to…

Bedrosian Bixby!

And speaking of Evan Dando, where the hell is Juliana Hatfield?

Heh heh, morgain. I’m still here. I have been a lurker for a few months now…haven’t had the inspiration to post till now. Thanks for remembering me…makes me feel good. :slight_smile: