Where are you on the sexual map?

On this sexual map, that is!

A map of the lands of human sexuality

It’s a fascinating little construct, and like any good travel map, it lets you place markers on all the places you’ve visited, or would like to visit, and you can even mark them according to whether you liked your experience there or not!

As for where I’ve been, well…

I’m not nearly as well-traveled as I thought I was. I long ago crossed the Straits of Fear, and made some forays beyond both the Lesser and Greater Barrier Mountains, but there’s an awful lot of places I have no interest in visiting. (Port of Asymmetric bondage? Figging? I don’t think so…)

But thanks to my professional background, at least I recognize most of the terms on the map.

I still had to google a few dozen of them, though. Dirty Sanchez? Futanari?

Most people start their journeys in the southeast area of the map, in the Land of Mundania.

So, feel free to share as much about your past journeys and future travel plans as you’re willing! Make your own personal travel map and link to it, if you dare! (I don’t.)

I’ve pretty much never been out of the land of mundania. I haven’t even been everywhere there. Even some of those areas look off-putting to me…

I’m so familiar with most of that map, I could probably navigate around it with my eyes closed. I’ve personally done about 1/3 of the things and witnessed or been exposed to another 1/3.

Wow, who knew Middle Earth was so kinky. You see it right? The Citadel of Chastity is Barad-dur. Mount Doom is just a little bit to the SE. In the far west of the map you see a boat heading off to the Undying Lands. The Shire is in-between Odor Fetishes and Sploshing. Moria is Sensation Play. It all fits.

It pretty much mirrors my real-life traveling experience- I’ve only ever been to Canada and Mexico, and while both experiences were all right, I was so glad to get home.

I thought I’d been around the block a time or two, but there’s surprisingly little green and a hell of a lot of purple. Go figure…

Whoa… people really do… wow. Urk.

Obviously, I’m not in a position to comment on this from my apartment in the Citadel of Chastity, but why in Og’s name would anyone have a fetish for diapers or crushing animals? I mean, were they always squirrel squishers at heart, and then one happy day they found a word for what they were feeling? Or did they start off in the Vanilla Sea, and somehow came to the conclusion that stepping on animals is sexy?

I learned long ago that if I ask what something is, and the answer is from Urban Dictionary, I should not click on the link. Not without a galleon of extra-strength brain bleach handy, anyway.

How much extra strength brain bleach does a galleon buy these days? :smiley:

Is it bad that my main nitpick is that geisha are not prostitutes? No, seriously. They’re professional entertainers of the strictly non-sexual variety.

The map itself is kind of goofy.

Lots of erotic wrestling, eh?

eta: This is amazing and I want to buy it as a poster. Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?
eta2: oh my god I’m blind, it’s right there, it goes wherever my mouse goes. How on Earth did I miss it?

Howdy, neighbor.

We are sorry but we don’t have any imagery. Try zooming out for a broader look.

Never been past the Impassable Reaches, but I’ve been all over that land. From sea to sea, from the Land of Mundania to Penetration fetishes, from the Island of Uniform Fetishes to Foreign Language Fetish.

Now, I haven’t been everywhere, nor do I want to. Much like the real world, I have no desire to go to Human Toilets or Hackensack.

But it’s a fun map. I don’t feel so slutty seeing all the things I haven’t done. I’ve done a lot, but shoot, there’s way more I haven’t.

That map is utterly frightening

O America, my new-found land.

Seems I’m around the Bay of Unawareness with occasional visits to the Port of Toontown.

I’ve never been off the Land of Mundania, and I’ve not even seen all of that. Yet I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything.

I’m debating if I can reasonably hang that in my apartment, or if I would have to take it down every time I had guests over.

What I can’t figure is: as soon as you leave Mundania, you make landfall on the shoreline of ‘Tribbing’ (which I had to look up), or ‘Group Sex’ or ‘The Port of Asymmetric Bondage’. Isn’t it more likely that we’d come ashore at ‘Roleplaying’ or ‘Erotic Massage’, and yet they’re off on in Oregon or something, far from the Bermuda of Mundania.

Or maybe I’m thinking to much about this.

Often, it’s a matter of permission. Many people have fantasies at an early age, and of course they think they’re the only ones thinking about that particular subject. Then one day they discover that other people have thought about it, and actually acted on these feelings. All of a sudden you realize you’re not unique in having these fantasies, and you have “permission” to act on them. This has happened to me, with several activities.

It’s very much like coming out. Once you realize you’re not the only one, there’s no turning back.

And by the way, diapers are not all that uncommon.