Where can I find high heeled sneakers?

I have a bizarre problem with my joints that boils down to this: when I put my weight down on my heels, my feet roll inwards and my knees twist inward and I end up, if I am on my feet for a long time or walking very much, in all kinds of pain. Mostly knees pain.

However, if I keep my weight on the balls of my feet, my ankles stay straight, my knees stay straight, and I can stay on my feet all day long. 4" seems to be the magical heel height that makes the weight shift from the heel to the toe for me.

Anyway, for when I do need to do a lot of walking, I’d like to not have to wear my high heeled boots all the time. I know that high heel sneakers are made–I saw a pair by Victoria’s Secret for sale on ebay, but they were both hideously ugly and also not my size. I checked the VS website but didn’t see any there. Web searches are not being especially helpful.

So… does anyone know where one could purchase high heeled sneakers?


Not sneakers, but have you found any high heeled loafers that you like?

Also, if you go to a store that sells running shoes for serious runners, they can hook you up with some sneakers that keep your feet from rolling.

I’m betting they’re right next to your alligator hat.

This seems like a borderline seaking medical advice thread, as such I think it would be good to see a appropiate Dr to see if you may be doing more damage in the long run by using high heals all the time instead of trying to correct the underlying problem.

Try this
Or this

Podiatrists sometimes prescribe inserts worn inside of your shoe. On the other hand, high-heeled sneakers could be cool/sexy. :wink:

I’m a big fan of Zappo’s. I haven’t been able to zero in on high-heeled sneakers yet (they have SO MANY SHOES!) but there are some wedge heeled boots with comfort soles, etc. from Rockport. They’re all intermingled in here:


Do you mean like these:


or like these:


Yes, please do be careful. I’ve read that you can damage yourself if you wear nothing but high heels all the time. Here’s one article, you can find a ton more by googling “dangers wearing high heels” or suchlike.

Women 24

I second the recommendation of going to a running store - the professionals there should be able to find you a tenny runner that’ll do ya just fine.

Please don’t wear high heeled sneakers. . . please. Just. . .please.

And check out a podiatrist (as others have said)- miracle workers, I tells ya!

Not quite 4" heels yet, but getting closer: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7709209453&category=63889

I’ll find you a pair. Even if I have to investagate down at the pole dancing club. :smiley:

One of my friends had some sort of high heeled sneaker because one of her legs was shorter than the other. Maybe you could get two of those? :stuck_out_tongue:

Opalcat, put on your high heeled sneakers it’s party time!






Those navy ones in the 4th link are kind of cute, but the red and white ones look like Minnie Mouse cartoon feet.

You can’t forget the wig hat and shades, the pearls and diamond rings, and most importantly, the blue dress.

And, what’s funny is if we are the only ones who understand this.

I’m not asking for medical advice. I also LIKE wearing heels, and prefer them by far for reasons other than comfort. I want the option of wearing a heeled walking shoe.

I have been to MANY DOCTORS about my problem, by the way. I used to have custom-made orthotics and they didn’t help at all.

I went to the elevator shoes site and didn’t see anything but regular shoes with slightly thicker soles. I’m looking for shoes that have a 4 inch or so difference in the heel and toe height. Thick soles on both the heel and the toe don’t change anything with regard to my problem.

Oh, and I should mention that I don’t wear leather…

Kitchen Wench: Thanks for the links! Those look cool but I’m not sure they would actually offer the support/comfort/squishiness that a sneaker does any more than a regular pair of heels does…

Si Amigo Cool links! Several of those aren’t really high heels so much as overall platforms, but that last one looks promising. I emailed the seller to find out if they’re leather… (I wear an 8-9 depending on the shoe, btw)

ltfire: one of the reasons that web searches are frustrating me is that song lyrics keep coming up instead of shoes!

Thanks everyone who responded!!

I’ve heard that if you wear nothing but heels, you end up ruining your feet-and you can’t WEAR anything else. Perhaps you should ask your doctor about that, Opal?

You know, I didn’t have a shoe fetish before reading this thread. Damn you all to hell.

Opal - if you’re wearing close-toed shoes, why not buy some good Dr. Schol’s inserts for whatever heels you end up wearing? I see you are looking for “squishyness”… dr. schol’s surely can offer that!