Where Can I Find Out About the Current Make Up of the U.S. Senate?

My question is really twofold. But first a little background. After the Tuesday Nov. 5 elections, all the major news organizations had information readily available on their websites that told you who won what seats, all the way down to the governorships. Last I heard, the Republicans were leading the Democrats in the Senate by 2 votes. But there were a couple seats that were apparently still in question. Then everyone lost interest in the elections, and the websites stopped offering information about the outcome.


1.) Where can I always get information readily available about the political make up of the U.S. government. I tried the U.S. Senate’s website, with no apparent luck. And…
2.) What is the current make up of the U.S. Senate? Do the Republicans still hold the 2 vote lead or have they picked up even more seats:mad:, greedy party that they are.


Assuming I did the google page correctly, you can go here and update by the minute if you so choose. Google has this neat new thing called Google News. So I searched for “U.S.Senate” elections and up it came.

As of right now, the U.S. Senate consists of 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 Independents. However, it’s adjourned so the makeup doesn’t really matter too much unless the President calls it back into session. James Talent replaced Jean Carnahan on Nov. 23, although he hasn’t done anything except hire staff. He doesn’t even show up on the Senate’s web site. Jean Carnahan’s site is gone. Dean Barkley of Minnesota will be gone after the new Congress adjourns.

The makeup of the 108th Congress is still pending the result of the Dec. 7 Senate election in Louisiana. Mary Landrieu (D) is trying to hold on to her seat.