Where can I host my freeware program?

I have been looking for a decent place to host my freeware program (for free) that does not suck! I tried Tripod, but it does not let me make a “direct” link to any .zip files on my page. Anyone know of a place that specializes in hosting freeware programs??


Try these:



I have no idea what their policies are, but they both major in freeware. I think stuff ages away after a while, so you’ll have to re-submit once in a while (maybe it has to be a new version).

…what does your program do, anyhow?

well my program is a custom browser. called Riviera Browser. It is sort of a promotional thing for the band Riviera. It is a standard browser with some hi-resolution graphical interface and some mp3 functionality. You can check it out here: