Where can I purchase the US-TV version of Tales of the Unexpected?

This was one of my favorites! I never missed this show (okay, so I was a suburban 14-year-old who lived miles away from any other kids, but still…)

I purchased on ebay copies of some of the British version, but I recall that the US version was a bit different - maybe just the intro.

Anyone know if it’s available for purchase?

I know at least one compilation tape was available at some point because I rented it from a video store. The tape I saw had Don Johnson and Sondra Locke in the episodes.

I can’t help you, but the one I remember in the US was hosted by Roald Dahl, who did the intro.

I remember one particularly memorable (for me) episode in which Joan Collins really lost her head over a piece of artwork.

They dramatized a lot of great stories - Roald Dahl, of course, but in subsequent seasons, there was Saki, O. Henry and others who wrote the tale-with-a-twist short stories. I can recall some of the episode names, “Vengeance is Mine, Incorporated,” but I recall the episodes themselves more generally, like the one

where the guy who lives with his mother and is committing these ghastly murders in their house winds up at the end (as we discover) has been getting her assistance all along or the one with Peter Cushing as the art dealer, or the one which took place in the tropics about the malaria epidemic or something like that. Also, the US version had an opening sequence different than the British one: a rotating carousel, as opposed to the dancing Karen Standley.

Wish they would put this series on DVD - I’d buy the whole set!

In Canada, the UK series went by its full title of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, and the US series was called Quinn Martin’s Tales of the Unexpected, I guess to distinguish it from the other.

I was not terribly impressed with the Quinn Martin series, even as a snot-nosed kid. I don’t know if it was because it was objectively inferior to the UK show, or whether I just had higher expectations because I loved The Invaders so much. Hell, I don’t even know if I’d be able to watch The Invaders today-- I knew it was as corny as hell even then.