Where can I sell my stuff online (other than eBay)?

Ebay and half.com are getting a little to crowded for my taste. Not that I’m terribly greedy, but I’d like a little better price (I know, supply, demand, etc., but still).

I’ve taken to the For Sale/Trade forums on a couple deal hunting sites, and kinda like those better (even if it isn’t, arguably, quite as safe) and was wondering if there were any online communities more or less dedicated to this sort of thing.

So, any ideas/places, and any tips?

Check your local newspaper’s web site. Sometimes they have arrangements with local ISPs or whatnot to sponsor local auction sites. It can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Check out Auction Watch which includes Yahoo & Amazon, I think. Or check those by themselves:


Not exactly what I was looking for in the OP, but one heck of a site/service regardless. Much thanks! :cool:

Ummm … that’s interesting logic but I’m not sure how it would play out IRL. Supply and demand are real forces not just inconveniences. Granted there’s more people selling but there’s also a LOT more people bidding on Ebay than anywhere else. You can set mimimum price limits to protect yourself or a “buy it now” price to test the market but I’m not sure a smaller auction site is going to yield higher prices if the buyers aren’t there in force. But it’s an interesting question.

Possibly a newsgroup or special interest BBS that allows listing sale items. Those are what I used pre-Ebay but I’ve always gotten more hits with Ebay than anywhere else and the Ebay buyer/seller ranking and payment services makes the sales much quicker and smoother (to me).

What are you trying to sell?


After 9 years, I doubt it.

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There seem to be lots of “buy swap and sell” sites popping up on Facebook. Maybe see if there is one in you area.

Reported themons as spammer.

I don’t see the point in trying to sell somewhere that the buyers need to hunt for. Buyers know eBay and Amazon, and I find it odd to think that there are any significant number of potential Buyers who go out searching for more obscure sites which allow them to pay more for given items.